Looking for some Indian wedding gift ideas? Read on!

Isn’t it true that a wedding is a celebration of true love? With countless hopes and dreams, the lovebirds vow to be together for the rest of their lives. It’s simply incredible. And, as partakers, we can make their celebrations more flamboyant with gifts, just as beautiful as the occasion. So, go out there! Look for some amazing Indian wedding gift ideas and choose a truly unforgettable one!

Wedding Gift Ideas

Weddings are fun with customs, ceremonies, music, dance, food, family, and buddies. You are lucky if you get a chance to be a part of Indian weddings. But being invited to a wedding also means getting a gift for the newlywed. And as we all know, choosing a wedding gift is a tall order. 

However, the good thing is that Indians have outpaced traditional gift items like photo frames, dry fruit baskets, glass bowl sets, and more. So, what could be the following ideal gift option? Wondering!!  Don’t worry! Fabulously has come to your rescue.  

Check out our list of unique wedding gift ideas that the newlywed would love.


Honeymoon Vouchers

One of the best wedding gift ideas for the newlywed! The honeymoon would be the first thing on their minds after the sacred ceremonies. So, gift honeymooners an exotic honeymoon destination voucher as their wedding present. This will allow them to spend some alone time, get to know each other, and reduce the burden on their pockets.   

Hence, gift them an exotic honeymoon destination voucher, where they can spend some alone time, getting to know each other better in the perfect ambiance.

Waffle Maker

indian wedding gift ideas for friends
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We go together like waffles and whipped cream!

And what could be a better way to keep the newlywed together than a waffle maker? Gifting a waffle maker can aid a couple in starting a healthy and sweet morning. Moreover, breakfast is the beginning of yet another day; that is how love should blossom each day. And having a waffle maker at hand won’t make them skip their breakfast together! It can be a great Indian wedding gift for the groom’s family.

Journey Box

No lousy packing anymore! Give the new couple every reason to be together and avoid stress. And gifting a journey box can be a great way to do that! Journey boxes have a list of necessary things, an assortment to keep all the essential things, and a planner. In short, it has everything one needs on a vacation. Thus, a thoughtful gift like this will make a newlywed’s vacation planning hassle-free and more comfortable.

Honeymoon Photography Session

A honeymoon for a couple is a time they will want to remember forever! Hence, video is a great way to capture those moments. Gifting a honeymoon photography session is an entirely “fresh” wedding gift idea that one can imagine. Moreover, it will free the couple from the hassle of finding poses and backdrops to capture some beautiful clicks. 


So, you’ve covered everyone on your gift list this wedding season. But wait! What about the lady of honor? Brides are tough to shop for. But fear not! Ahead is an assortment of wedding gifts for brides that are stylish, unique, and thoughtful.

Gold Earrings

hindu wedding gift ideas
Gold Earrings

Shower the special lady with something she won’t expect. Gift her a piece of gold jewelry as unique as hers. Gold earrings are the best wedding gift if you have a budget between 5-10 K and are looking for something irreplaceable. And we bet this is something every bride will love. These are popular Hindu wedding gift ideas.


If the bride loves the idea of art, why not bless her with creative artwork? It could be anything from wall art to a handmade bouquet or DIY trousseau. This can also be an excellent decorative item if the couple sets up their home. 

Diamond Nose Pin

wedding gift ideas for best friend female
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Diamonds are forever, and so is your bond with the bride! Whether you’re a sister, friend, or a close cousin to the bride, a diamond nose pin is one of the best Indian wedding gift ideas to fetch you appreciation without burdening your pocket. And no woman in the universe can escape the charm of a diamond. Moreover, she will love to flaunt it. This is one of the best marriage gift ideas for friends.


If you are somebody who knows both bride and groom in person, you must choose a wedding gift that they’ll enjoy together for years to come. With that in mind, we’ve gathered the best wedding gifts the newly married will be delighted to receive. These are some popular gift ideas for Indian weddings.

Wine Bottle and Glasses

wedding gift ideas for sister
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A bottle of wine is the perfect way to help a newlywed couple celebrate a new chapter in their lives. And having an over-the-top set of glasses makes YOU a part of their celebrations. This fantastic gift will help the couple cherish their good times together. And, who wouldn’t want to get a little drunk on the wedding night? Wink, wink..!

A Voucher for Their Favourite Spa/Massage

A wedding gift doesn’t have to be a solid thing always. You can give gift experiences that the couple will remember forever. Hence, a luxury massage/spa voucher can be an excellent experience for the lovebirds. 

Weddings and marriage parties often get stressful. So, who wouldn’t want to relax at their favorite spa to get a relaxing massage with their partner? Try giving one, and the couple would love it!

Personalized Pendant Set – One of the best Wedding Gift Ideas

wedding gift ideas for brother and sister in law
Pendant set

Nothing can beat a personalized pendant set for the couple if you want an out-of-the-box wedding gift idea. Get the names of the bride and groom engraved on the pendants, and you’ll be highly praised. You can also engrave some romantic messages, if not the names. Here are some gift ideas for an Indian bride.

A Mini Holiday

A mini holiday for the couple would be one of the best gifts you could give them. After all, who doesn’t want to re-enjoy the honeymoon? They will be so thankful to you! Just make sure to pick a place that has been on their list. Also, buy a voucher with extended validity so they can redeem it whenever they like.

Book of the Month 

If the couple is a book lover, gift them a token of immense love. Find out their favorite genre and their common interest and get it for them in hardcover. By the way, romance is an apt genre for the newlywed! Moreover, you can also gift them a couple of book memberships in a local book club.

Dinner Set

Rightly said, dinner is the time for love. After a hectic day, love is kindled with food. And having food served in a beautiful dinner set will add to the spice of the dining table. Well, if you eat in excellent, the aura gets equally awesome.

Indian Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends (Female)

Of course, everyone wants to get the bride a gift she’ll love, but if you’re her best buddy, you want it to be extra special. Giving her a meaningful present can be a great way to show how important she is to you.  

Check out some of our favorite Indian wedding gift ideas for friends: 


Nothing can beat the personalized jewelry idea. Getting the names of two newlyweds engraved or some romantic message on it will surely be the box gift idea.

Silver Anklets 

Gift her a pair of sterling silver anklets, and she will love them. She can use them as daily wear instead of keeping them in the cupboard like the rest of her jewelry. It can be a great wedding gift for relatives.


If your friend is a moment keeper, a personalized journal is one of the best ideal Indian wedding gift ideas for them. This is because a person who writes knows the value of a good journal.

Pedestal Jewellery Holder -One of the best traditional Indian wedding gift

creative wedding gift ideas
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Gift her a beautiful pedestal holder so she could keep her jewelry altogether. Wedding jewelry is treasured for its beauty and the irreplaceable memories it carries. Hence, she would love to put her jewelry on a pedestal. This is an excellent example of a traditional Indian wedding gift.


Instant Camera

If the groom is a photography lover, getting him an old-school instant camera will be a unique wedding gift idea. He could tote it on the honeymoon or even post-wedding ceremonies. With this wedding gift, he can take amazing photos to save on his wedding album. After all, he’d have his tinge of capturing moments. 

Whiskey Glass Customised Set

“Whiskey is the drink which enables a man to magnify his joy and happiness.”

Ed Perry

And hence, no man would ever deny having one (or maybe more). There are so many options available for you to choose from. You can also get it customized by the initials of the couple’s names, the wedding date, or even exciting anecdotes. You know what, you know your friend better! 

Portable Speakers

How about giving a melody of music to your friend? Give the gift of sound with bass to your best buddy. Isn’t it ideal to suggest melody and harmony in a newlywed’s life?


Check out these Indian wedding gift ideas that we found to be the best:

Luxury Bath Salts 

unique wedding gift ideas
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Gifting comfort is the best gift of all. And giving luxury bath salts is an ideal way to say you care! Every time they indulge in luxury baths, it will remind them of their special day and your care, too.

Decorative Pieces – The best Indian wedding gifts for friends

A wedding means a new beginning – a new family, a new life, and… a new home, too! Hence, gifting home accessories and décor pieces will help the new couple make their new home of love and perfection. Bean bags, peace-makers, and astrological sculptures – pick anything per the couple’s interest.  These can be perfect Indian wedding gifts for friends.


Make your guests and relatives say, “It’s the best wedding we’ve ever been to”!  Give your guests a wedding gift forever, reminding them of your special day. Gifting a little personalized gift to your guests is always an excellent idea. After all, they made time to be part of your special day.

The Gold and Silver Coins

Well, these have already become a prevalent trend in Indian weddings. Gift your guests gold and silver coins with the idols of Lord Ganesha engraved on them. Such Indian wedding gifts will remind them of the weddings and the fun they had every time they had a look at them. 

Bottle Openers

Opt for bottle openers emblazoned with a slogan as your wedding gift for guests. Your guests will likely use bottle openers every day or week. So, whenever they do, they’ll think of the wedding each time they crack open a chilled one.

Indian Wedding Gift Ideas for Every Budget Under 500

Indian weddings are grand, and finding the perfect gift can be a delightful yet challenging task. Whether you’re looking for Indian wedding gift ideas for the couple, unique marriage gifts, or practical wedding gifts, there’s something for every budget, especially under 500.

Unique Gifts for Marriage

Customized Home Decor: Personalized items like photo frames, wall hangings, or custom-made clocks can be both unique and sentimental. These items add a personal touch and are great Indian wedding gifts.

Handcrafted Jewelry Boxes: A beautifully crafted jewelry box is a valuable wedding gift and a piece of art. It’s a perfect Indian wedding gift idea for every budget, especially for the bride.

Traditional Indian Artifacts: Gifting items like miniature paintings or brassware can be a thoughtful nod to Indian culture and heritage, making them ideal Indian wedding gifts.

Useful Wedding Gifts

Kitchen Appliances: Small yet valuable appliances like a sandwich maker, blender, or coffee machine are great Indian wedding gifts, especially for couples setting up their new home.

Bedding Sets: High-quality bedding sets are both practical and luxurious. Opt for traditional Indian designs to align with the theme of Indian wedding gifts.

Subscription Services: Gifting a subscription service, be it for music, books, or food delivery, can be a modern and valuable wedding gift, aligning well with the needs of a newly married couple.

Indian Wedding Gifts for Every Budget

Ethnic Wear Gift Cards: Indian wedding gift ideas for every budget can include gift cards for ethnic wear, perfect for the couple to use for future occasions.

Spa Vouchers: Spa vouchers that offer relaxation and rejuvenation are excellent Indian wedding gifts, especially after the hectic wedding festivities.

Cookware Sets: Traditional yet functional cookware sets are ideal Indian wedding gifts, valid for the couple in their new journey together.

Customized Stationery: Elegant and personalized stationery sets can be unique and practical wedding gifts, adding a touch of sophistication.

Planters and Green Gifts: For eco-conscious couples, gifting planters or organic gardening kits can be thoughtful Indian wedding gifts.

Experience Gifts: Gifting experiences like a cooking class, wine tasting, or a weekend getaway can be memorable Indian wedding gifts, perfect for creating lasting memories.

For more unique wedding gift ideas for guests, read our blog: https://www.fabulously.in/best-wedding-gifts/


Wedding gifts reflect your creativity and create excitement among the newlyweds, family, relatives, and guests. So why not give our best to them and add to their happiness?

Also, please share your wedding gift ideas with our readers. Please use the comment box below.


Q1. What not to give as a wedding gift?

When selecting a wedding gift, there are a few things you may want to avoid. Avoid gifts that could be considered offensive, vulgar, or in poor taste. It’s best to avoid giving a gift that has been previously used or is a regifted item. Consider the couple’s interests, lifestyle, and registry when selecting a gift. Avoid giving something that contradicts their values, beliefs, or tastes.

Q2. What should be written on the wedding gift envelope?

When writing on a wedding gift envelope, including a heartfelt message or a simple note of congratulations is common. Here are some ideas for what to write on a wedding gift envelope

“Congratulations to the happy couple!”
“Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.”
“May your journey together be filled with joy and laughter.”
“Warmest wishes on your wedding day and beyond.”
“Celebrating your love and the beginning of a beautiful adventure.”

Q3. How much should I spend on a wedding gift?

The amount you should spend on a wedding gift can vary depending on various factors, including your relationship with the couple, your budget, and local customs or expectations.
If you’re a close friend or a couple’s family member, you may consider spending more on their wedding gift than if you’re a distant acquaintance or coworker. Giving a heartfelt and thoughtful gift within your means is better than stretching yourself financially. If the wedding is a lavish affair or held in an expensive destination, giving a more significant or more generous gift may be more customary. However, staying within your budget and sharing what you feel comfortable with is still important.

Q4. Is it acceptable to give money as a wedding gift?

Yes, it is generally acceptable to give money as a wedding gift. In many cultures and traditions, giving money has become a familiar and practical choice for wedding gifts. When giving cash as a wedding gift, you can present it in an envelope or a decorative card with a heartfelt message. This lets the couple know who the gift is from and adds a personal touch to the gesture.

Q5. What is the best gift for a wedding?

The best gift for a wedding ultimately depends on the couple’s interests, preferences, and needs. Consider customized gifts that showcase the couple’s names, initials, or wedding dates. This could include monogrammed towels, engraved wine glasses, or a personalized photo album. Instead of a physical gift, you could gift the couple an experience they can enjoy together. This could be a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant, concert or theater show tickets, or a weekend getaway. Practical items for their new home are often appreciated. This could include kitchen appliances, cookware, bedding sets, or decorative pieces that suit their style.

Q6. What is a good budget for a wedding gift?

A reasonable budget for an Indian wedding gift typically ranges from 500 to 5000. This range is broad because it accommodates various financial capabilities and the closeness of your relationship with the couple. A gift of around 500 to 1000 might be appropriate for distant relatives or acquaintances. However, you might consider gifts from 2000 to 5000 for closer relationships like close friends or family. It’s important to remember that the thought and sentiment behind the gift are more important than its monetary value.

Q7. What is the average Indian wedding gift?

The average Indian wedding gift often includes items that are both practical and have cultural significance. Home decor, such as ornate vases or wall art, is famous for its aesthetic value and utility. Kitchen appliances, ranging from mixers to microwaves, are also common, as they are helpful in the couple’s new life. Ethnic wear, like sarees or kurta sets, is another favored choice, reflecting the rich cultural heritage.

Q8. What is a normal wedding gift?

A standard wedding gift usually consists of items that the couple can use as they start their life together. This includes home appliances like toasters, coffee makers, or blenders, which are practical and valuable. Decor items like picture frames, lamps, or bedding sets add a personal touch to their new home. Personalized gifts, such as custom-made artwork or engraved items, also hold particular sentimental value.

Q9. What are Indian wedding bridal gifts?

Indian wedding bridal gifts often focus on items that the bride can use in her new life, or that hold sentimental value. Jewelry, ranging from gold necklaces to bangles and earrings, is a traditional and cherished gift. Formal attire, like lehengas or designer sarees, is also standard. Personalized items, such as custom jewelry boxes or embroidered accessories, add a personal touch.

Q10. What is a traditional wedding gift?

Traditional wedding gifts often include items given for generations, symbolizing good wishes for the couple’s new life. Cookware sets, especially those that are high-quality or have a traditional design, are a staple. Home textiles, like luxurious bed linens or hand-woven towels, are practical and elegant. Cultural artifacts, such as conventional Indian art or handicrafts, also make meaningful gifts.

Q11. What is the wedding gift list?

A wedding gift list is a wishlist created by the couple, outlining the items they would like to receive as gifts. This list often includes various items, from household essentials to more luxurious or decorative pieces. It serves as a guide for guests to choose gifts that the couple will appreciate and use. The list can include specific kitchen gadgets, home decor items, or even experiences like travel vouchers.

Q12. What is a proper gift to give at a wedding?

A proper gift to give at a wedding is thoughtful and aligns with the couple’s preferences and needs. It should be something that they will find helpful or meaningful. This could be something for their home, a contribution to a larger goal (like a honeymoon fund), or a personalized item that celebrates their union. The key is considering what the couple might appreciate and what fits within your budget.

Q13. What is the best gift for a newly married couple?

The best gift for a newly married couple is something that helps them in their new journey together. These could be essentials for their home, like appliances or decor, that contribute to their new life. Experiences, such as dinner at a fine restaurant, a spa day, or a short trip, can provide memorable moments for the couple. Personalized items that commemorate their wedding day are also a thoughtful choice.

Q14. What presents do you get for a wedding?

Presents for a wedding can vary widely but typically include items like home appliances (e.g., coffee makers, blenders), decor items (e.g., photo frames, lamps), and personalized gifts (e.g., custom artwork, engraved items). Experiences like a cooking class or a weekend getaway are becoming increasingly popular. Gift cards, especially for stores or services the couple likes, offer flexibility and are also a good option.

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