As the saying goes, girls want to have fun! And what is more fun than a kitty party where everyone can let their hair down? If you want your kitty party to be fun, here are some games for ladies you can organize.

Kitty parties are easy to organize, and if you have fun games lined up to play at the party, then everyone has a great time.

Besides gossip and great food, games are crucial for an enjoyable kitty party.

Fabulously have carefully curated a list of games to play at a kitty party so that the party never dies of boredom and the guests are constantly having fun and are entertained.

Popular Indian Kitty Party Games for Ladies

Few fun games for ladies to play at parties

Antakshari – One of the best family kitty party games

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A pretty famous game among Indians where the game starts with a predetermined song (“Baithe baithe kya kare karna hai kuch kaam. Suru karo antakshari leke hari ka naam”); once the song ends, the next person has to sing a Hindi song by using the last letter of the previous song. Whoever needs help to think of a new song with the last letter of the previous song in a given time limit is eliminated. This is one of the popular Indian kitty party games for ladies.

Tambola – A well-known group game for ladies to play.

Tambola is the popular Indian version of Housie or Bingo. This is one of the funny group games for ladies’ kitty parties.

Everyone is handed a ticket with numbers randomly arranged, and every ticket is unique. The caller starts reading out numbers that are randomly selected. Whoever has the called-out number in their ticket has to cross it off. The one who completes the winning pattern wins the prize.

A pretty famous game among Indians where the game starts with a predetermined song (“Baithe baithe kya kare karna hai kuch kaam. Suru karo antakshari leke hari ka naam”); once the song ends, the next person has to sing a Hindi song by using the last letter of the previous song. Whoever needs help to think of a new song with the last letter of the previous song in a given time limit is eliminated. This is one of the popular Indian kitty party games for ladies.

Tambola – A well-known group game for ladies to play.

Tambola is the popular Indian version of Housie or Bingo. This is one of the funny group games for ladies’ kitty parties.

Everyone is handed a ticket with numbers randomly arranged, and every ticket is unique. The caller starts reading out numbers that are randomly selected. Whoever has the called-out number in their ticket has to cross it off. The one who completes the winning pattern wins the prize.

Dumb Charades – Most common Indian party game.

one minute games for ladies kitty party indian

You won’t require any preparation for this hilarious kitty party game for ladies. It’s a word-guessing game. Choose any field from football, music, history, movies, etc., and the team playing against you selects a word related to that field. You have to act out the word while your team tries to guess it. The winner is the one whose team guesses the word in a given time limit.

Biscuit sliding game

Games for ladies’ groups to play where the maximum fun lies in everyone playing this game altogether.

The game is in the name. Place a biscuit on every player’s forehead. Now you have to slide the biscuit and guide it towards your mouth to eat it without using your hands. Pretty funny expressions and moments will come out of this fun game.

Handbag treasure hunt

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Handbag Treasure is one of the perfect kitty party games for adults.

Every player carrying a handbag must list the things they have in their bag.

Compare this list with other players; whoever has the most things in their handbag wins the title of handbag queen.

Add a twist:

Create a list of items usually found in a handbag.

Allot points to those items accordingly.

Call out all the items one by one.

Whoever ends up with the most points wins.

One Minute Games For Kitty Party

Here are some one-minute Indian kitty party games for ladies.

Brand Lover

This surely belongs to the list of fun and interesting games to play at a party.

It would be best to have a pen and a piece of paper for every player in the room.

Start writing the name of brands on the piece of paper as many as possible in under 1 minute. The one who writes the most brand names is the winner.

Guess the song

games for kitty party at home

Looking for fun games for a kitty party that everyone can enjoy? Say no more.

To excel at this game, one must have strong memory recollection skills. The host will play 2 seconds of a random song. This 2-sec song will be played from the end, beginning, or middle of the song. Players must identify the song’s name based on just the 2 sec of the music played. The winner is the person who guesses the maximum number of songs in under a minute.

This is among other popular 1-minute games for kitty parties.

Check Fabulously for more such game and lifestyle ideas.

Stick it

Any bangle activity sounds like a fun indoor game for a kitty party.

This is a fun group activity to do at a kitty party.

There are a few things you will need to play this game

  • Candles
  • Glass Bangles
  • Matchbox
  • Wooden Board

Light the candle and put the wax on the wooden board. Stick the bangle in the wax so it stands still on it. Try to stick as many bangles in wax in under 1 minute. The winner is the one who sticks the most bangles.

Soak it up – A game for ladies get together at kitty party

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You will need a bowl of water, a sponge, and a water bottle for this kitty party game for ladies.

All you have to do is transfer the water from the bowl to the bottle in under a minute.

The player who transfers the largest quantity of water in the given time limit wins the game. This competitive one-minute game for ladies’ kitty parties will surely bring an adrenaline rush.

Guess the advertisement – Taglines are catchy, and so is this party game idea.

The host will make a list of popular taglines in advertisements of brands on a piece of paper. Make copies of this list equal to the number of participants.

Give this list to each player. Now whoever guesses the most brands with correct taglines wins the game.

Best Kitty Party Games For Your Girl Gang

These are some popular kitty party game ideas.

Tie the string – Another interesting game for kitty parties at home to enjoy with your friends.

funny kitty games

All you need is thick strings for each player. Ask them to tie as many knots in that thread as they can. Ask them to untie as many as possible once they have tied the knots for the second round. The winner is the one who can tie and untie the most number of knots.

Toothpick game – One of the fun games to play at a kitty party that doesn’t require much effort.

This ladies’ game gets interesting if you play with more people together. That makes it one of the kitty party games for ladies list.

Place all the toothpick sets in front of each participant. Make sure the toothpicks are arranged vertically and not horizontally.

Players must only pick the toothpick by their palm and shift them to their side. No use of fingers should be involved. The player who picks up the most toothpicks wins the game.

Tongue twisters – One of the most common party game ideas.

kitty party ideas at home

We all know this game. We also know how funny it can be to attempt different tongue twisters and miserably fail at them at times. That makes it a fun game idea for ladies’ kitty parties.

City Quiz – Intellectual game for ladies kitty party.

Who knows their neighborhood accurately? After playing these funny group games for ladies’ kitty parties, you will learn it. Kitty party games for ladies are only complete with including this game.

Form a list of questions related to your neighborhood or city. These questions should be such as which tests the knowledge about the city.

Questions like Where can you find a specific type of bread?

Or which is the place to get good quality groceries?

Or where is the best salon nearby?

You can divide the players into two groups and play this game as Team A vs. Team B.

There are several games for ladies’ groups to play.

Card Puzzle Game

kitty games for ladies

“Happiness is only real when it’s shared,” and this group game does justice to the quote.

A party without a card game is not a party. That’s why this kitty party game with cards can be noticed from this list to make your party rock. A pack of cards is needed for this game. First, you must remove Ace, King, queen, and Jack from the pack of cards. Cut each card from the pack into three pieces. Mix them well enough.

To play easy games for kitty parties, match the card correctly with the same color and number. The player who matches the most number of cards is the winner.

Musical Balloons

This is like musical chairs except for one change; you don’t have to sit on the balloon. Pretty cool kitty party game idea.

You need balloons and music for this game. All the players should form a circle, and the balloons should be kept in the circle’s center. Ensure the number of balloons used is one less than the number of players.

Everyone should dance once the music starts. The music will stop abruptly, and at this moment, every player will grab a balloon for themselves. After each round, a single player who doesn’t get the balloon gets eliminated. The one who survives the last round wins the game.

Games for ladies’ groups to play


Make the group into teams and have one person act out a word or phrase silently while the others try to guess it. It’s a classic game that can be fun and encourages creativity.


Similar to charades, players have to draw it on a whiteboard or paper instead of acting out the word. The teams guess what the drawing represents within a time limit.

Name That Tune: Play short snippets of popular songs and have participants guess the song title or artist. You can create playlists based on different themes or genres to add variety.

Trivia Night:

Test your knowledge with a trivia game. Create categories like movies, music, sports, and history, and ask questions to the groups. You can find pre-made trivia questions online or create your own based on your group’s interests.

Two Truths and a Lie:

Each person takes turns sharing three statements about their own selves, two of which are true and one false. The remaining group tries to guess which statement is a lie. It’s a great icebreaker game that allows people to learn more about each other.


If your group enjoys singing, karaoke is always a hit. Rent a karaoke machine, find an app on a computer or smartphone, and let everyone sing their favorite songs.


Organize a bingo night with themed cards and prizes. It’s an easy and entertaining game that people of all ages can play.

Escape Room:

Visit a physical escape room or try a virtual one. These team-based activities require problem-solving and collaboration to solve puzzles and then “escape” within a pre set time limit.

Card Games:

Traditional card games like Poker, Rummy, or Bridge can be a fun way to engage with the group. Alternatively, you can explore newer card games like Exploding Kittens or Cards Against Humanity for a more light-hearted experience.

These are some enjoyable and latest kitty party games for your next time together. With the yummy food, music, and sharing experiences, adding these games to it would truly be a memorable experience. These new year kitty party games are also perfect for Indian parties.

We hope you will try playing these games with your friends. Check out Fabulously for more tips and ideas on fashion and lifestyle.


1. How do you play Indian Kitty party games?

Indian Kitty party games are easy and fun to play with your girl gang.
Here is an example of an easy game that doesn’t require much preparation and gets the most fun out of everyone present.

Safety Pin & Rice –

You will need a bowl full of rice and 15 safety pins.

1. Mix the pins in the bowl of rice.
2. Blindfold the participant.
3. Ask the blindfolded participant to separate as many safety pins from the rice bowl in one minute.
4. Whoever gets the most pins out of the bowl wins.

2. What are some fun kitty party games for ladies?

Here are some fun and easy kitty party ideas at home.

1. Lock and keys –
You will need locks and their respective keys and a bowl.
You have to unlock as many locks in 1 minute by trying different keys from a bundle of random keys.

2. Color or Word –
You will need a piece of paper printed with colorful words
A kitty party game where players have to say the word or the color in which the word is written.
It cannot be very clear when there is a time limit.

3. Blow the feather –
A few feathers are all you need to play this game
Keep the feather in the air by blowing it.

Make sure it doesn’t fall. Do this for the longest time to win.

3. What are kitty parties?

A kitty party is a get-together of housewives, usually in the afternoon, in one of the kitty party group members.

Kitty means the contribution(money) collected from each group member to organize a party every week/month.

Usually, at a kitty party, there’s food, activities, chit-chat, and games. Kitty party games keep ladies entertained and give them a memorable experience.

Kitty parties consist of short and easy games but guarantee a lot of fun, like antakshari, tombola, bangle game, guess the advertisement, etc.

4. What are some paper games for kitty parties?

We have gathered some paper-based kitty party games for you where you will get an idea of how these games are played.

Hangman – Hangman is a pen-and-paper game. In this game, you have to guess the right word. You can play this game with your friends or family.
One player thinks of a word and writes it down on paper. But the player does not write all the letters of the word, so the other players have to guess what the word is by suggesting different letters which might be in place of the blank space in the word.
Every time you suggest a wrong letter, a letter from the word hangman is crossed off. You lose if all the letters from the word “hangman” are crossed off. If you guess the right word before crossing off all the letters of hangman, then you win.

Bollywood – Everyone is really into Bollywood, and this game will surely be a hit among your girl gang.

On a sheet of paper, Bollywood celebrities and the names of their babies are written. Players have to match the celebrities to the name of their babies. Those who get the match correct for most of the celebrities win the game.

5. What is the aim of organizing a kitty party?

The purpose of a kitty party is to provide a platform for women to socialize, bond, and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and informal setting. It allows women to take a break from their daily routines, share experiences, and build friendships. Kitty parties are often organized by and for women with common interests, such as being part of the same neighborhood, workplace, or social circle.

Kitty parties serve as a form of recreational and social support for women. They create a space where women can relax, have fun, and engage in enjoyable activities. These gatherings allow women to escape from their responsibilities for a short while and focus on themselves and their relationships.
Additionally, kitty parties can serve as a personal development and learning platform. They may involve workshops, talks, or discussions on various topics of interest, such as cooking, fashion, health, or personal growth. These events allow women to enhance their knowledge and skills while enjoying the company of like-minded individuals.

Overall, the purpose of a kitty party is to foster a sense of community, friendship, and personal well-being among women, creating a supportive and enjoyable environment for social interaction and relaxation.

6. Are there any set rules of a kitty party?

In a kitty party, the common rules include:

1. Members contribute a certain amount of money to create a kitty pool.
2. Rotating the responsibility of hosting among the members.
3. Regularly attending unless there are exceptional circumstances.
4. Adhering to designated start and end times, following dress codes or themes if specified.
5. Participating in various activities.
6. Maintaining respectful conduct and etiquette.
7. Communicating clearly within the group.

These rules create a structured framework for the parties and ensure a pleasant experience for all participants.

7. How can I make a kitty party interesting?

To make a kitty party interesting, you can incorporate various elements that engage and entertain the participants. Start by choosing unique and creative themes for each party, encouraging attendees to dress up accordingly, and decorating the venue accordingly. Plan engaging games and activities that suit the group’s interests, such as Tambola, treasure hunts, or trivia quizzes. Consider inviting guest speakers or organizing cooking, crafts, or personal development workshops. Introduce surprises and prizes, like special performances or unexpected gifts, throughout the party. Create a lively atmosphere with music and dance, and pay attention to personal preferences and suggestions from the group. By incorporating these elements, you can make your kitty party a fun and memorable experience for all attendees.

8. How can you earn money at a kitty party?

To generate money at a kitty party, you can consider the following methods:
Contributions: Each member contributes a fixed amount of money at each gathering, which forms a collective pool known as the “kitty.” This money can be used to cover party expenses.

Fundraising Activities: Organize small fundraising activities within the group, such as bake sales or craft sales, to generate additional funds.

Sponsorship: Seek sponsorship from local businesses or individuals interested in supporting the kitty party. They can provide financial contributions or in-kind donations.

Ticket Sales: If you have special events or outings planned as part of the kitty party, you can sell tickets to the participants to cover the associated costs.
These methods can help fund the kitty party and its activities.

9. How do you throw a unique party?

To throw a unique party:

1. Choose an unconventional venue or location to add a distinctive touch.
2. Incorporate creative and personalized elements in invitations, decorations, and activities.
3. Plan interactive and engaging activities that suit the interests of your guests.
4. Offer signature drinks or food items that align with the party theme.
5. Include surprise elements like special performances or unexpected guest appearances.
6. Provide personalized party favors or giveaways to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

10. What is the theme for the kitty party?

There are numerous theme options for a kitty party, including:

Bollywood: Participants dress up as their favorite Bollywood actors or characters, and the party features Bollywood-themed decorations, music, and dance performances.

Retro: Guests dress up in fashion styles from a specific era, and the venue is decorated with vintage elements to create a nostalgic atmosphere.

Floral Garden: The party has floral arrangements, vibrant colors, and a garden-inspired ambiance.

International Destinations: Choose a specific country or culture as a theme, allowing participants to dress up, sample cuisine, and experience traditions from that particular destination.

Black and White: Keep it elegant and classy with a black-and-white theme. Guests dress in black and white attire, and the venue is decorated in these colors for a c

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