Indian weddings are the celebration of a lifetime. What are the best wedding return gift ideas for your guests after all the fun and joy for the bride and groom? What will have your guests remembering your grand and beautiful ceremony even after they get home? Let’s find out!

A wedding takes a lot of planning and arrangements. You’ve got to get the wedding hall ready, talk to the priests about the ceremony, and get your lehenga and suit in order; you even may have to choreograph your bridesmaids’ dance because who else can put it together as you do! Then there are the caterers, DJ, decoration, and lots more. This is all about you. But put a little thought into your guests too. We want them to take back more than a memory and something to remember us, right?

The best wedding return gift idea is what you need here. This will be a token of your gratitude and happiness to them for being present and celebrating with you at your wedding. Now, let’s jump into the most thoughtful and fancy wedding return gift ideas that will surely impress your relatives.


return gift ideas for wedding guests
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In India, gifting someone is challenging; sometimes, you must wrack your head to find the right one. The idea is for the gift to be a gesture of thankfulness and something that sparks joy on their faces.

Since your guests will be of varying ages, you must consider something suitable for everyone. Let’s see what wedding return gifts are perfect for your guests and will stay within your budget. Here are some unique and creative Indian wedding return gifts for guests’ ideas to make your special day even more memorable. Let’s dive in and check the list of indian wedding return gifts for guests’ ideas.



Personalised wedding return gifts India
Gold coins

Who does not like some shimmery gold in their pockets? Gold coins are quite a rage these days. A 22Kt gold coin will make a perfect wedding return gift. It’s petite, valuable, and a constant reminder of your ceremony. It has been a traditional gift in Indian households, so your aunts are going to love it.

It is a classic gifting option but pretty hefty on the pocket. So if you are ready to spend and only have a few people at your wedding ceremony, this would be a swell choice. Gift an 18K gold coin packed in a beautiful box, and the guests will love it. (source)


If you want to combine beauty, tradition, and a budget-friendly price, your option is a pure silver coin. If it carries a personalized “Thank you” note engraved, it will surely be a treasured return gift. Also, silver is considered lucky, so that’s an added advantage. Silver coins can also be worn as jewelry, so it makes for a practical and the best wedding return gift idea for guests. This is one of the best return gift ideas for the wedding of your friend.


If you want to break the ceiling of return gifts, you can do a gemstone fest! Treat your guests to a variety of gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc. This is one of the most royal and luxurious gifts given as a return gift at royal weddings and ceremonies. You can even give different stones to guests and ask them to guess which ones they got. Isn’t that one of the best wedding return gift ideas?


This one is saved for your beautiful bridesmaids, who have been at your side throughout the ceremony. How better can you thank them and express your love and appreciation towards the bridesmaids than by gifting them a pair of classic crystal studs? They are chic.

Your girls will appreciate the sparkling studs. Leave a sweet note with each stud to show your gratitude for bearing with all your tantrums and mood swings during your D-day.

Okay, those options are somewhat of an expensive kind. Not to worry! Here are some great wedding gifts that are warm and fulfilling to the guests. A customized goodies bag with a message is an elegant and pocket-friendly way to thank your guests.

Fun wedding return gift ideas


Fill them with sweets, your wedding picture, and a handcrafted doll or toy, and you have a fun-filled and gratifying goody bag! You can change them up any way you like. The more fun, the better! These are some of the best Indian wedding return gift ideas.


If you are amping up your wedding return gits game, why don’t you think of gifting your guest with a game set of classics like Monopoly or Scrabble? Even better, miniature versions of these make superb gifts and can make for an eye-catching mantelpiece at home.

It is also a reminder of the games you played together during childhood as you step into a new phase of your life.

What can you fill your wedding return gift bags with?


wedding return gifts India

Now that’s a gift I’d like to get! A bottle of perfume is no less than jewelry. Perfumes somehow symbolize luxury and fineness. It shows delicate taste in gift selection. It also looks beautiful, one that the guest will use, and can nicely fit into your budget. These are some excellent return gift ideas for a wedding.

While all other gifts pander to the other senses, it’s probably only perfume that flirts with the sense of smell! This is truly a one-of-a-kind return gift you should seriously be looking at.


Gold is precious. So you want to strike a balance between expensive and not too expensive. The gold earrings make the perfect gift in this scenario. The best thing about them is that they come in different range and fits under every budget. You can give your guests a simple yet elegant presentation without spending a fortune on it. (source)

Classic wedding return gift for ladies

9. CHOCOLATES- An excellent wedding return gifts wholesale option

The cocoa-based sweet is easily the most practical and sweetest gift. Chocolates are a sure-fire winner amongst adults and kids. Gift your guests a box of luxurious Swiss chocolates if you are going for a big-budget gift. You can also give handcrafted artisanal chocolates that are tasty, flavourful, easy on the pocket, and supports local business. One can always go right with chocolates in a gift bag. Get them custom-made for your occasion for that exclusive touch. Chocolates are one of the best return gift ideas for wedding guests.

10. JEWELRY BOX- Makes the finest wedding return gift boxes

We saw jewelry, but the next best thing was a jewelry box. If you have ever seen those carved jewelry boxes, you know they make a marvelous gift. You can get them in wood, marble, and metal. These are usually beautifully engraved or flaunt precious stones on them. Go for a good quality, long-lasting, and pretty jewelry box. Your female guest list will surely give you a big thumbs up. You cannot think of any better wedding return gift ideas for relatives.

11. DRY FRUITS TRAY OR BOX- A favorite return gift for wedding guests

A close contender to chocolates is the dry fruits tray! If hogging on the dry fruit and dessert tray isn’t enough, you can pack your guests a box to take home! The trick is placing it in a stunning tray to make it more appealing. You know, carved silver trays and wooden boxes with gold trims are in vogue!

Special wedding return gift ideas


wedding return gifts chennai

Nothing can beat the elegance of pastel candles on gold or off-white candle holders. This may be the answer if you wish to instill a sense of style and substance in your guest’s living room with your gift. Candleholders are an exquisite piece for your wedding return gift hampers. Throw in a scented candle, and you have just got your neighbors talking about your wedding.


Talk about keeping with the trend. If you love quirky and refined things, let it reflect in your wedding return gift. Nose pins never go out of style and are loved by all the ladies. It’s pretty non-traditional, but what’s the fun of doing everything the old way? It can be considered a pretty nice Indian wedding return gifts ideas.

14. VEGAN GIFTS- Truly the best return gifts for wedding

Environmentally conscious bride? We have just the thing for you! Vegan chocolates, organic teas, and cashew nuts cookies are such a statement gift. It speaks of your choices and even educates your guests on why they should go vegan! Vegan products are usually very ethnically and beautifully packed, making one of the most appealing return gifts: two birds with a single stone. Make a gift hamper out of it, and get ready to collect praises coming your way!


indian wedding return gifts for guests ideas
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Ahh.. talk about classic and elegant. Anything ethnic and vintage has a charm to it like no other. Decorative, breathtakingly beautiful handcrafted designer mirrors will be loved and used by your guests wholeheartedly. “Aaranmula Kannadi” from Kerala is one such that is handmade and makes one of the best wedding return gift ideas. Remember to leave a beautiful message along with this thoughtful gift! (source)

Goofy wedding return gift ideas


We see some goofy brides and grooms taking note of this! Yes, a waffle maker makes an excellent return gift! Why, you ask? Because it makes the most important meal of the day, breakfast. So, why won’t you want your friends to start their mornings with a crunchy delight? 

What are some wedding return gifts below 50 rupees?

17. FLOWER MATKAS- One of the best Indian wedding return gift ideas.

Go eco-friendly with beautiful flower markets, which are trending now. They are adorable. Period. Although it is a simple gift, it’s the perfect parting gift for guests. If you can get natural dried flowers in a handcrafted pot, that would be a very precious gift. Handcrafted pots personalized with their names will surprise each of them. (source)

18. Home decor

One of the most common and affordable options for returning gift items for weddings is the home décor items. Invest in a wooden doll or an earthen Hathi (elephant). You can also choose to give a statue of a Buddha, a serene portrait, or a plaster Paris statue. If you can get your and your partners’ tiny figures made in PoP in your wedding return gift jute bags, that would be an excellent memory for the guest!

19. Origami box with dry flowers

If you are stylish and unique, we have everything for you! Origami bags are the practical and craftiest return gifts for a wedding reception, which you can fill with dried and colored flowers. If these can be perfumed, all the better. These miniature gift bags are dainty and will pique the curiosity of your guests.

20. Calligraphy cards and mugs

What is the in thing today? Calligraphy. It’s a historical art form that is still relevant and luxurious. If you can get hold of a calligraphy artist, make custom name-tagged cards and personal diaries for your guests. It’s beautiful, stylish and will be a reminder of your wedding for years!


When we talk about what would be the best wedding return gift for friends? You can choose Vegan gifts, Handcrafted mirrors, Flower matkas, and Dry fruit boxes. In such gift items, you will find many products to choose from. Personalization is your best friend here. Wouldn’t you like your name on a gift you received? Sure you would. Here are some of the most unique return gift ideas for wedding.


return gifts for wedding below 200

So many options, and all the while, you thought you could only give chocolates. Be creative when treating your guests; you will see happy faces as they leave you with blessings. What to watch out for when purchasing wedding return gifts?

  • Know your budget.
  •  Have an idea of the number of guests you are gifting.
  •  Make it memorable.
  •  Make sure it sparks joy, as Marie Kando says.
  • Add a thank you note on return gift

Happy gift shopping, lovelies!


1. Which is the best return gift for a Hindu wedding?

When choosing the appropriate return gift for a Hindu wedding, several variables must be considered. Guests like using kitchen items such as spice boxes, tea sets, and serving trays. Candle holders are another thoughtful present that individuals may use to beautify their own homes. Another traditional alternative for a return gift is silver coins. They represent good fortune and prosperity. If you want to offer a more customized present, consider a waffle maker or chocolates in a personalized box.

2. Which is the best return gift for weddings?

It might be difficult to decide on the greatest wedding return present. A diamond pendant is a timeless option that will always make a lovely present. A popular gift that can be used to store and protect valuable jewelry is a jewelry box. Guests will also appreciate more traditional luxury gifts, such as crystal stud earrings or a stone set with a diamond.

3. Which is the most trending return gift for weddings?

Flower Matkas are hand-painted terracotta pots that can be used as both ornaments and planters, making them a versatile return gift option. Gifts that are good for the environment, like the Marble Chess game or updated versions of classic board games, are also popular.

4. Which is the most traditional best return gift for weddings?

Gold coins are the most common wedding favor given back in the last ten years. Gifts of gold are thought to bring their recipient’s luck and wealth.

5. Which is the best wedding return gift for friends?

Think about what they like and value as you shop for a return gift for a friend. Vegan presents or dry fruit baskets are great options for friends who are concerned about their health. Handmade mirrors and Flower Matkas are also nice gifts that can give the gift a personal touch.

6. Is it essential to give the return gift?

Yes, giving guests who came to the wedding a gift in return is a nice and traditional thing to do. It shows how grateful you are for them being there and helping to make the wedding special. It is also a way to show gratitude and make an impression on the guests that will last.

7. What are eco-friendly return gifts for marriage?

In recent years, eco-friendly thank-you presents have risen in popularity. Gifts of potted plants, cloth bags, bamboo straws, natural soaps, organic honey, or candles made from wax are all thoughtful options. Not only do these presents demonstrate your gratitude to your guests, but they also help the planet by preventing unnecessary waste.

8. How do you give a wedding return gift?

Guests can get wedding return gifts in different ways. One way is to put them on the dining tables so that guests can take them home at the end of the wedding reception. Set up a gift table at the venue so guests can pick up their gifts on their way out is another option. Return presents could be distributed as guests are leaving the reception. 

9. Is it okay to give a wedding gift after the wedding?

Giving the wedding present after the wedding is still appropriate, though giving it before or on the wedding day is preferred. Sometimes gifts can’t be delivered on time because of life circumstances or practical difficulties.

It is polite to let the happy couple know ahead of time if circumstances prevent them from giving a wedding gift on time. Reach out to them to tell them you’re happy for them and will give them a gift later. This shows that you thought about your gift and made sure it will still be appreciated.

10. Is it important to give the return gift?

In many societies and social contexts, it is considered polite to return a gift. It promotes mutuality, upholds social norms, shows appreciation, and fortifies connections.

It’s not required, but it’s a nice gesture to show that you appreciate the original gift and keep the giving cycle going.

When determining the appropriateness of a return present, it is important to consider the location as well as cultural customs. In the end, it’s not the size of the gift that counts, but the thought that went into it.

11. What are eco-friendly return gifts for marriage?

Choosing sustainable and environmentally conscious wedding favors is a thoughtful gesture that guests will appreciate. Wedding guests have a number of earth-friendly options when it comes to thank-you presents.

One idea is to give guests plant saplings or seeds so they can grow greenery and show growth. Another idea is to give out items that can be used more than once, like stainless steel or glass water bottles, cloth shopping bags, or bamboo utensil sets.

This would encourage people to use less plastic that can only be used once. Handmade soaps, candles made of soy or beeswax, and organic skin care products can help you live a healthier life while reducing your exposure to harmful chemicals.

Also, giving upcycled or recycled items as gifts, like repurposed stationery or home decor, shows creativity and reduces waste. Giving guests the option to choose a charitable donation in their name instead of a physical gift lets them help a good cause while reducing the amount of stuff they have to buy. The final objective is to choose sustainable presents that reflect the couple’s values.

12. How do you give a wedding return gift?

There are a few things to consider while choosing and delivering a wedding return gift. A return gift plan and budget should be established first, with consideration given to the number of guests and the couple’s specific interests.

Next, pick out thoughtful presents that reflect the couple’s interests or the event’s theme. Think about eco-friendly options, useful items, or personalized gifts that the guests will like. Pay attention to the packaging and use attractive and good materials for the environment to improve the presentation.

You could add a personal touch by making labels or writing thank-you notes by hand. Last, choose a way to get the word out. There are three possibilities for managing return presents from guests: placing them on their seats, giving a central area where they may choose their gifts, or shipping them to those who were unable to attend the wedding in person.

By following these steps, you can give wedding return gifts in a thoughtful and organized manner, expressing gratitude to your guests for their presence and well wishes.

13. Is it okay to give a wedding gift after the wedding?

Wedding gifts are traditionally given before or on the wedding day, but it is also acceptable to give a gift after the wedding has already taken place. Sometimes gifts can’t be delivered on time because of life circumstances or practical difficulties.

Always give a gift late rather than not at all. Letting the couple know if you can’t give a wedding gift on time is polite. Reach out to them to tell them you’re happy for them and will give them a gift later.
This shows you care and ensures that the recipient will still like the gift you gave them. Keep in mind that the timing of a wedding gift is less important than the thought and well wishes behind it.

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