This is a tradition that has followed generations. If you have come to attend in somebody’s joy, they wholeheartedly give you the gift of love. This gift needn’t be something very lavish if you have a limited budget, here are the best return gifts for wedding guests read further to know more.

Best return gifts for wedding guests:

1. Dry fruit box

This is one of the age-old return gifts that are given at weddings. Dry Fruits are a symbol of prosperity and integrity. By providing your guests with a beautiful pack of dry fruits, you are by all means providing them with good wishes and a thank you. Dry fruit is the most preferable return gifts for wedding guests. Make an assortment of dry fruits and pack them in the wedding-themed basket or box. You will find many options available on the internet too.

2. Designation wedding welcome

If you are having an amazing destination wedding, then this is your perfect gift. Something small to remember your special day, memorabilia of the place they were in for your wedding. It can contain something special from that place itself or it can be a perfume or a travel kit. The creativity is your part!

3. Brass fruit bowl

Brass is a symbol of goodness in less. By gifting brass fruit bowl, you are in some sense providing the gift of fulfillment to your friends and relatives. Fulfilling the bare necessities and no dearth of resources is the best wish you can give to somebody who is here to share your joy.

4. Laxmi Ganesh statue

We all know of this tradition! A metal statue of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha is a perfect parting gift for your guests. It symbolizes blessings and goodwill on our front. Laxmi and Ganesha are considered very auspicious in the Indian Culture and thus seeks a very high value on all occasions.

5. Silver-plated gift set

Silver is the gift of purity, silver denotes cool and peace. A gift of silver is the gift of value, it shows how much you care that everybody came to your special day. Silver Plated Gift Set can include small silver designed bowls or small silver boxes depending on your budget. You can also gift a small simple silver box if you don’t want to get into the set business.

6. Metal sculptures

Many different awesome designs are available when you look out for metal sculptures. You can gift something auspicious like gods and goddesses or you can choose something that is relevant to the wedding. It is basically something that is given as a memento decor.

7. Kalamkari bangle box for women

Your female friends and relatives are going to love this idea. Kalamkari is in recent trends for this year and it looks amazing in all shapes and sizes. Find some wholesale stock place that gives you a lot many colors in a similar design.

8. Metal hand mirror

Hand mirrors are ancient and an accepted gift idea. Although some people believe that gifting mirrors are a bad sign, it has no relevance to the cultural traditions that we follow. The metal hand mirror is the most beautiful return gifts for wedding guests. It is one of those that everybody adheres to but has no concept. There are beautiful designs available online, go for brass or oxidized silver small hand mirrors. They add beauty to the onlooker’s already beautiful self.

9. A lavish sweetbox

Sweets have no rivals and there are mazing boxes available online. You should pack a big box of assorted sweets and make the packaging a wedding-themed traditional pack. The sweets if possible should be freshly packed so they can sustain for a long time. For a personal touch, add a message card with a one-line thank you message. What d’ya think?

10. Printed chocolates

This is a very favored Indian Favor these days. You can get printed personalized chocolates in the shape of hearts or you can also put the newlywed’s picture printed on the chocolates. Or else you just get a simple thank you printed on the chocolates. Get beautiful packing done for your chocolates.

11. Miniature alcohol set

I am in absolute love with this idea. Miniature alcohol sets are cute and so quirky in nature. You can gift Favors in the way of leading to greater happiness. Assorted alcohol set in mini flasks or corked bottles with different ranges of alcohol gives you a feeling of testing which is a blast in itself!

12. Handmade candles

Handmade candles (if scented- that would be amazing) are one of those best category gifts you can give to anybody. There are many organizations and Women SHG’s working for making candles. You can buy a wholesale stock from them and get the packaging done beautifully. In this way, you would be able to help those organizations and also give a unique Favor to your esteemed guests.

13. Jams, sauces, and honey jars

Condiments for regularity! Jams, Sauces, and Honey Jars are an exclusive idea that shows the cooler side of you. Just get a personalized mason jar and cover it with a lid. Wrap the lid in the wedding-themed cloth and tie it with a rope around the neck. You should be fine with the cool gift!

14. Personalized cutlery

No, do not put your picture atop the plate. That is just weird! You can use pictures that imply a wedding state, do not use something very intricate, use general royal patterns or the wedding-themed patterns. Also, don’t forget to write a message at the back of the plate or whatever cutlery you are planning to gift!

15. DIY kits

This is an amazing gift with an output that requires work, so a perfect idea for all. It is a new kind of idea that inspires people to do new stuff and create new crafts. DIY kits come in any forms, you can just pack them in a jute box with a ribbon atop it. DIY kits are another most precious return gifts for wedding guests. Add a message card for extra love!

16. Succulent plant tub

The message of greenery and love, succulents are considered auspicious in many cultures. Succulent plants are a message in themselves, with amazing spring colors and a perspective of soft love- succulents are your best bet if you want to inculcate a habit of green in all the people.

17. Wedding boxes

Wedding Boxes are a set of awesome gift boxes that look beautiful as anything. These wedding boxes should carry a small momentum from the wedding and sweets or chocolates, whatever you want to present to your guests.

18. Coffee and tea samples

This is a brand new idea, wherein you send coffee and tea samples from various brands that you think deserve a tasting. Personalized tea and coffee boxes are also an option. Present them with a beautiful container.

19. A small cushion

A cushion that has a beautiful illustration relative to your wedding. Make it a small cushion and pack it with a message of love and best wishes. Make sure that you add a gift of chocolates with the cushions, or else it might look a little weird in the wedding space.

20. Customized painting

This is actually a very good idea. You can hire a painter who can draw gimmicks from your wedding theme. Choose one, get a wooden frame, make sure you add a minimalist message so the gift is complete.

Indian Favors are a tradition that values the guests for their time in your joy. It a beautiful tradition of consideration and good wishes. Find your best suit and get on with it!

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