Every woman wants her engagement ring to be elegant, stylish and especially personalized for her. Nothing in the world gives a woman more pleasure than flaunting her engagement ring to the world. She would always want that ring to match the ongoing trends. A wedding ring should be chosen in such a way, that it not only gets you the desired applauds today but also in years to come. It should never go out of fashion. Every other piece of your jewelry can be exchanged into another piece, but your engagement ring is irreplaceable and so is your husband!. To know which kind of engagement ring is perfect for you to read further.

Which kind of engagement ring is perfect for you?

Already wondering which kind of engagement ring would be a perfect catch for you? The dilemma and hassle that a woman goes through in order to fish out that perfect engagement ring for herself is well understood. When you can’t decide which type of engagement ring would shine best against your finger take a look inward—the answer has actually been with you all along. From the bold to the classy, here is the list of the best ring types by personality type to help you sail through the sea.

Classic: Solitaire

For the classy chick bride, simple and subtle, yet powerful, a single diamond stone can make quite the statement and is something you will cherish and treasure for today and beyond.

Romantic: Vintage

A vintage look personifies any romantic bride’s heart. An antique ring speaking of history, its elaborate motifs, intricate engraving, curves and geometric patterns that are in the vintage rings are majorly romanticized. We have umpteenth options from Victorian to Edwardian to Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Bold: Coloured diamonds

A colored diamond ring would give you the perfect complement to the vibrant, vivacious and sparkling personality of the beautiful bold bride.

Glam: Halo setting

A halo setting is a paved or micro paved circle around a center stone, making your diamond pop and gives it a larger than life look. It is apt for those glamorous chicks looking for flash and shine.

Bohemian: Pear shape

A Bohemian diamond is an amalgamation of romantic, vintage and whimsical containing the retro romance in a more unique playful shape. It is a design more like a teardrop.

Artsy: Tension

An artsy ring holds the center stone in place applying pressure. It creates the floating illusion of the stone; an eye trick it is. The diamond in it allows more light passing through it, as it can be seen from all the angles.

Modern: Round or Cushion Cut

These are the most popular cuts among today’s brides. When paved with a pave band the ring looks contemporary, sleek and gorgeous. If you always want to catch up with the trend, this ring should indeed be your call.

It is very important that your engagement ring should complement your hand and finger types too. Choosing the right ring for your finger is a lot like choosing the right outfit according to your body shape. Well, there is no matter to fret over it, there are a ring style and shape to flatter every finger and hand type.

Tips to Select Rings for Woman with Long Fingers

· Long fingers have so many advantages over short ones.
· Opt for princess-cut and round-cut stones
· Rings with wider bands tend to complement length.
· Only long fingers can enable you to carry a bold style.

Slender Fingers

· Rings with smaller stones can help make thin fingers look wide
· Rings with thick hands work well to wider the look of the slender fingers

Short Fingers

· An engagement ring for a woman with short fingers should help fingers appear long.
· One should go with oval, pear or marquise stones to elongate the appearance of the fingers.
· Rings with rectangular emerald shaped stones can lengthen short fingers.
· Slender, narrow-width bands create the illusion of length.

Wide Fingers

· Having wide fingers gives you more room to experiment from funky to classic, and to really look stunning.
· While choosing an engagement ring for wide fingers we should keep in mind that the skin does not show much on either side of the ring.

Big Knuckles

· You should opt for thicker, heavier bands that draw the attention to the side instead of your knuckles.
· While choosing the ring, not just finger but the type of hand should also be taken into consideration.

Small Hands

· Keep the overall proportion of the ring small and simple.
· Princess cut, heart shape, oval and cute shapes look wonder on the fingers.

Large Hands

· Women with large hands have always had an advantage over small ones. They can try all the shapes and sizes, they have enough room to get creative.

Can look for all bulky, chunky styles

Well, try all the different rings and then only jump onto the conclusion because, in the end, you know what is best for you. If you are too much into horoscope and astrology, it might help you to narrow down the style or shape of your choice of engagement rings that are just right for you.

Choice of Rings According to Horoscope

Aries: Aries wants bold rings as they are in continuous want to be noticed and acknowledged.

Taurus: Taurus needs a ring that is visibly interesting.

Gemini: The Gemini brides love an unexpected setting.

Cancer: Cancers have discerning taste, something refines is what they love.

Leo: Leo desires a statement-making piece.

Virgo: Virgo craves for an artful ring, as they love the details.

Libra: Libra does not want anything strong, angled or geometric. Simplicity is what they prefer highly.

Scorpio: Scorpions want a ring with a little bit of edge.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius wants a ring with a classic cut setting, updated with some color is their choice.

Capricorn: Capricorns do not want curlicues, just keep it strong and simple.

Aquarius: Anything but boring. They want a ring that gets noticed.

Pisces: For them, look for romantic rings evocative of ocean waves.

Thus, hope these methods might be able to help you in fishing out the perfect engagement ring for you so that you can proudly wear it for your memorable day and beyond.


Q 1 Which ring type is perfect for Slender Fingers?

Rings with smaller stones are perfect to make thin fingers look wide and ring with thick hands work well to wider the look.

Q 2 Which ring type is best for Short Fingers?

An engagement ring for a woman with short fingers helps finger appear long, Ring with Oval, Pear, and marquise stones make the appearance of the fingers elongate and Ring with rectangular emerald shaped stones also look better on short fingers.

Q 3 Which ring type is better for Wide Fingers?

Wide fingers give you more room to experiment from funky to classic, and to really look stunning.

Q 4 Which ring type is better for Small Hands?

For Small hands, Princess cut, heart shape, oval and cute shapes look wonder on the fingers.

Q 5 Which ring type is best for Large Hands?

Women with large hands have always had an advantage over small ones. They can try all the shapes and sizes, they have enough room to get creative.

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