Your engagement is one of the most memorable moments of your life. We understand that you need a perfect ring for this occasion. So, we are here with different types of engagement rings for you. Keep reading our guide and find the best engagement ring for yourself.

Types of engagement rings

best type of diamond for engagement ring
best type of diamond for engagement ring

There is a wide variety of engagement rings. Each type of engagement ring has a different style and a unique design. Other types of engagement rings can even hold different symbolic meanings.
We understand that choosing the right ring can be confusing to you. But no need to worry. We will introduce you to different types of rings. Have a look at the list below:

Type of engagement rings:-

  • Solitaire rings – A solitaire engagement ring is the most classic and traditional type of ring. There is only one stone in the design. A classic solitaire diamond comes with a simple band and a prong setting. This type of ring never goes out of fashion.
  • Cluster rings – Cluster engagement rings feature smaller diamonds to create the same effect as a larger diamond. Illusion rings is another name for cluster rings. They are quite affordable.
  • Three stone rings – These rings are symbolic in nature. They have three stones. They represent the past, present and future. Therefore their alternate name is trilogy rings. They also represent you, me and us. These rings promote togetherness in a significant way. Consequently it is more of a romantic choice..
  • Eternity band engagement ring – This ring is the ultimate symbol of everlasting love. A chain of diamonds connecting forever form a band.
  • Single-coloured stone engagement ring – This is a traditional type of engagement ring. Coloured rings are far more affordable than diamonds. You can create unique and personal designs. Some popular coloured stones for engagement rings include rubies, emeralds, blue and teal sapphires etc.
  • Acrostic engagement ring – These rings became popular in the 19th century. In this type of engagement ring, the association of each gem is done to each letter of the alphabet. Example: blue topaz for B and so on. You can send secret messages by wearing these rings. If you want a meaningful engagement ring, you can engrave your loved one’s initials on it.
  • Minimalist engagement ring – This type of ring has a fine thin band in a classic metal like yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. It is easy to clean and repair.

Types of engagement rings setting

different types of diamond cuts for engagement rings
Types of engagement rings setting

The setting of the engagement ring defines your ring style and the stone’s best assets.
Your engagement ring setting should also get attention like the center stone.

Choosing the perfect setting can be confusing. But we are here to help you out. Given below is a list of best types of engagement ring settings.

1. A prong setting – One of the best type of engagement ring setting

  • A prong setting is the most common type of engagement ring setting. It involves three to six “claws” that hold the stone firmly in a metal “ head.” a prong can be pointed, rounded, flat or V-shaped.
  • A prong setting gives the lightest exposure from all angles. It brightens up the richly coloured gems.
  • A prong setting uses less metal and requires less money when compared to other settings.
  • It also helps in the easy cleaning of the stone.
  • It holds even the fragile stone securely in place.

2. Pavé setting – Included in popular types of engagement ring setting

  • A pavé setting involves rows of several smaller diamonds fitted into holes. This helps to set their level with the surface of the ring.
  • The surrounding metal is raised to form beads that secure the stone.
  • Pave setting gives your ring extra sparkle. It makes the diamond look bigger than it actually is.
  • It allows a design flow of varying width.

3. Halo setting – Considered as the best type of engagement ring setting

  • The engagement ring with a halo setting includes a large center diamond.A pave or micro pave of smaller diamonds surround the stone.
  • The surrounding rings draw attention to the center diamond and create the appearance of the larger center diamond.
  • Your halo engagement ring can have one halo or more than that.
  • Halos can make your ring look unique and antique.
  • Halo setting can save your money too as you don’t need to buy a large diamond for this setting.

4. Bezel setting -Tops the list of different types of engagement ring settings

  • A bezel setting is a metal rim with edges which surround the stone fully or partially.
  • The bezel setting protects the stone’s girdle so that nicking it isn’t an option.
  • It conceals the existing nicks on the stone’s girdle.
  • The bezel setting secures the stone really well.
  • It allows the metal to fit any stone easily.
  • A white enclosing a white stone can make the stone appear larger.

5. Channel setting – Best in types of engagement ring bands

  • In this setting, there is a row of small diamonds set in a channel within the band.
  • Small diamonds are inside a specially cut channel.
  • It protects the girdle of the center stone.
  • It provides better protection to small diamonds than a pave or prong setting.
  • This setting has a smooth surface.

6. Bar setting – Tops the protective types of engagement ring style

  • It is a series of two or more thin vertical bars of metal that sit between stones and hold them firmly.
  • A bar setting protects the sides of each stone’s girdle.
  • The surface of the ring is exceptionally smooth.

7. Tension setting – Popular in flaunting types of engagement ring style

  • This setting holds the center stone in place by pressure rather than a prong setting.
  • There is minimum interference of metal which gives the impression that the stone is floating.
  • It allows a lot of light into the stone, which gives it a modern look.

8. Gypsy setting – Best in protective types of engagement ring style

  • In this type of setting, the diamond appears to sit flush with the surface of the metal.
  • The ring’s metal is pressed around the stone’s perimeter to secure it.
  • A gypsy setting protects the stone’s girdle so that nicking doesn’t occur..
  • The ring surface is entirely smooth.
  • It conceals the existing nicks on a stone’s girdle.

9. Tiffany setting – Tops in enhancing types of diamond engagement rings style

  • A popular jewellery store, Tiffany and Co, designs the setting.
  • The Tiffany setting has six prongs in such a position that it shows the diamond’s sparkle as much as possible.
  • This setting is paired with a plain band. Which is why, more attention is drawn towards the diamond.
  • It raises the diamond and enhances its beauty.
  • Tiffany setting has a classic look, and you can clean the diamond easily.

10. Infinity setting – Tops in types of engagement ring band

  • Two interlinked bands that create an infinity symbol define the setting. It gives the ring a unique design. You can even personalise your infinity ring setting in different ways.
  • The delicate twist of the wedding bands gives the ring an attractive look.

Types of diamond cuts for engagement rings

what type of engagement ring would suit me
Types of diamond cuts for engagement rings

Before making your final selection, have a look at the variety of cuts for your engagement ring. Following is a list of different types of engagement ring cuts:

  1. Round brilliant-cut – The round brilliant cut diamond is cone-shaped with the top rounded off. It is one of the most iconic and classic ring styles.
  2. Princess cut – Princess cut diamonds is a traditional engagement ring style. It is square with pointed corners. It has a lot of sparkles and looks best when set on a diamond band.
  3. Emerald cut – This is a rectangular shaped cut and is perfect for a higher clarity cut diamond. It has a glamorous and vintage look. It looks best in a geometric setting.
  4. Oval cut – Oval cut diamond has a perfectly symmetrical shape. It has a soft design, and it looks better if it’s bigger.
  5. Pear cut – This type of diamond cut has a single point with a rounded end. It makes smaller stones appear bigger. It has the shape of a teardrop.
  6. Marquise cut – It is a long diamond with sharp ends. It was initially designed on the smile of a woman.
  7. Heart cut – The heart cut diamond is made from modifying a brilliant round stone. It has a beautiful appearance. The heart shape is a representation of the ultimate symbol of love.
  8. Trilliant cut – It is a unique cut diamond ring. A trilliant stone will look more extensive than around in the same carat.
  9. Cushion cut – Cushion cut diamonds have rounded corners and large facets to increase their brilliance.

Best types of engagement rings

Best types of engagement rings
Best types of engagement rings

Are you struggling to find a perfect engagement ring? Well, we have a list of different types of engagement rings for you. Have a look!

  1. Classic six-prong solitaire ring – A solitaire engagement ring is elegant and straightforward. It makes the center diamond the main attraction. This ring never goes out of style. The prongs help the center diamond to stay firmly in its place.
  2. Round pave halo engagement ring – This kind of ring looks absolutely amazing. There are small round diamonds that surround the center diamond. These diamonds draw attention to the center stone. You can try a setting in white, yellow gold or rose gold. You can choose a center diamond of princess cut or cushion cut shape.
  3. Pave infinity diamond engagement ring – It has a unique infinity design with a split and joined shank. The infinity sign symbolises everlasting love. This unique design can hold a variety of center diamond shapes.
  4. Round shaped bar tension engagement ring – It features a center diamond held between two metal bars without the usual prong setting. The center diamond gets exposure to a tremendous amount of light. This tension engagement ring looks great with a round diamond.
  5. Thin channel set round ring – It has a simple and elegant design. The center diamond is on four prongs, and the wedding band features small round diamonds.

Types of stones for engagement rings

Types of stones for engagement rings
Types of stones for engagement rings

There are different types of engagement rings that come with a non – diamond stone. You can also choose a stone other than a diamond for your engagement ring. You can select some common gemstones like Sapphire, Emerald or Ruby.

EMERALD – This stone is green in colour. It symbolises growth and energy.

RUBY – It is bright red and symbolises passion.

DARK BLUE SAPPHIRE – This stone symbolises loyalty.

There are many other stones like Aquamarine, Topaz, Spinel etc.

Couples use stone engagement rings for many reasons. Many of them like expressing themselves in colours. Gemstone rings are also less costly. So, you can afford a larger center stone.


what type of engagement ring should i get

An engagement ring is a powerful symbol of love and commitment. Are you still confused about your engagement ring? Go through our options of engagement rings mentioned above. Choose a ring that reflects your style and taste. We are sure that your confusion will be gone.


  1. What type of engagement ring is right for me?

    The most common choices for engagement rings are solitaire, three stone and side stone. They have an unlimited variety of patterns, details and metal choices.There are four basic types of engagement rings which you will encounter are solitaire, side stone, three stone, pavee.

  2. What are the different types of engagement ring cuts?

    There are different types of engagement ring cuts. Still, the eleven most popular diamond cuts are round cut, princess cut, emerald cut, oval cut, baguette cut, pear cut, marquise cut, heart cut, radiant cut, cushion cut, trilliant cut.

  3. How do I find the perfect engagement ring?

    Consider the shape, metal, carat size before selecting your ring. Make sure that the diamond cut is of your choice. Your preferences will help you find the best engagement ring for yourself.

  4. What ring is best for engagement?

    The metals most commonly used for engagement ring settings are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum.Just like when it comes to design, there’s no best metal for an engagement ring. Instead, it’s best to choose the metal-based on taste, longevity and cost.

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