With changing times, the trend changes, and so is the case with diamond designs and its settings. Each year brings hundreds of new and stylish trends in different settings. It is true that a diamond lives forever, but that does not mean that its designs are also eternal. Every year diamond artisans change something related to stone settings and band metals to create something of a novelty for their clients. This is the way in which a show-stopping engagement ring is created.

What is the Show-stopping ring?

· A show-stopping ring is a ring that is unique in terms of its appearance and has been made with great craftsmanship.
· Usually, such is the brilliance and sparkle of these rings that you can identify them from a distance for their uniqueness.
· Making a true show-stopping ring requires great effort and a lot of creativity.
· When designing such a ring, artisans take great pains to make sure that the ring looks modern and spectacular to appeal to your senses.
· The inspiration for these engagement rings comes from the archives of historic designs and then each and every design is surveyed to create a truly magnificent ring.
· The show-stopping rings are born out of the desire of diamond artisans to do something different, by creating a ring of great value and worth out of the ordinary within the diamond market.

A show-stopping ring is one that gets easily noticed amongst a sea of other rings. It is generally worn by celebrities and alike and is quite expensive. These rings are expensive because of their exquisite design and intricate details and features. These rings are cut and made in such a way that someone can see your ring sparkling from across the room.

Cushion-cut diamonds

Some cushion-cut diamonds have as many as 75 facets to catch maximum scintillation that provides for brilliant white sparkle, adding brightness, beauty, and luminosity to the diamond.

Designers and diamond artisans are constantly rethinking traditional settings to incorporate unusual gems as side stones along with the central stone—the diamond. Artistic people find such designs alluring and opulent. These rings provide a new look of grandeur, which is intrinsic to truly rarefied stones. People with artistic side appreciate such rings because of their surrealist influences. Some designs of show-stopping rings appeal to the taste of brides having a penchant for deco.

Many celebrities prefer jewels and rings that complement their attire rather than outshine another bijou. Celebrities always focus on their personal jewelry a lot. They are always keen to experiment with new designs that give them a sophisticated and eye-catching look. If celebrities are anything to go by then it is high time to dust off your dynasty-era baubles and use them in a modern and innovative way.

Cocktail Rings

These are a type of show-stopping ring generally worn by women at cocktail parties. These are monumental rings in startling and spunky combinations. Many colored gemstones and other rocks can be seen stonking the white diamonds along the sides of the diamonds, making it look visibly opulent.

It is a piece of jewelry larger than normal rings and is crafted to attract your attention due to its humongous size and luxurious stones placed next to each other. They generally have an oversized center diamond flanked on each side by classy gemstones. These rings became quite popular in the 1940s and still cause the stir among women. They can also be worn at all kinds of fancy events. Since the centerpiece is huge, this ring can cost you a bomb. Cocktail rings made with high-quality gemstones are rare and pricey.

Design elements are also leading the rank when it comes to deciding what elements or stones to place around diamonds in this show-stopping ring so as to exude the center diamond’s exuberance. Instead of designing rings around specific stones, nowadays each centerpiece in these rings fits the theme of the design—whether rounded bombe shapes, swirls or stylized flowers—giving the diamond artisans far more freedom for creativity.

Some maverick diamond artisans have started to play with the theme of layering the diamonds with various other stones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and so on to add to the ring’s overall appearance.

Some important considerations while making a show-stopping engagement ring are:

· Centerpieces are set high while long, smaller stones are set along with the fingers all the way to the knuckles.
· Some designers prefer mixing colors and using strong contrasts to make up form, texture, and volume in the rings.
· Some prefer to “pile” the natural-colored diamonds, in shades of orangey-brown yellowish-green, with colored sapphires.
· Sometimes white diamonds are inlaid with a cushion of pink quartz, set in rose gold.

Some of the most famous diamond settings for show-stopping engagement rings are:

· Double-halo round diamond engagement ring featuring a carat oval diamond
· A vintage-inspired rose gold pavé-set diamond engagement ring
· Cushion-cut diamond halo engagement ring
· Rose gold halo engagement ring carrying a carat cushion cut diamond
· A round diamond engagement ring having split-shank design

To choose the best show-stopping engagement ring for your fiancé, you must keep in mind the following:

· You must have comprehensive and acute knowledge about diamonds, their cuts, settings, and styles.
· The personality of your fiancé, both physical and mental, play a key role in selecting the ring for her.
· You have to know her choice in diamonds and gemstones before selecting the type of diamond for her.
· You should have knowledge about new trends and settings before proceeding with ring making since resizing is difficult and these show-stopping rings are expensive to make due to the intricacies involved.

A diamond emphasizes the strength of a relationship, so why not combine the love you have for your fiancé and the strength of a diamond to make a beautiful show-stopping ring that would just stop the heartbeat of anyone who catches a glimpse of it. You wouldn’t want to skimp on the quality of your engagement ring to ruin your first impression in front of your fiancé, so why not gift a ring that shines brighter than the sun and makes a lasting impression on her. It might cost you a fortune, but diamonds are priceless and so is your love for her.

You can actually make her feel that you care and revere her a lot by gifting the right choice of engagement ring to her. By presenting her this show-stopping ring on your special day, you are sure to witness that split second of the moment of joy, combined with incredulity, shock, and astonishment on your fiancé’s face, which will be a lasting memory for you. She might actually feel like walking on air, on being proposed this way.

Surely, it will be an awe-inspiring moment for both of you, where you might even see tears of joy on her face, for which you must have burnt a hole in your pocket. So, a show-stopping engagement ring looks like a celebration on your finger, and thus sets the mood for a gala wedding.

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