You are lucky, patient and a loving partner if you’ve completed 60 years of together successfully. Now that’s a MILESTONE. Congratulations!! So how are you going to celebrate the beautiful journey? Are you looking for diamond awesome gift ideas on diamond anniversary? Well, read on.

Rightly said, it takes so much to cultivate the imagery of love that is perfect and true. And if it is as perfect as completing 6 decades of togetherness, then the celebration is a must. And what better way to commemorate the diamond anniversary with unique gifts.

Celebrate your diamond jubilee with these amazing gift ideas and another set of memories to this beautiful journey.

Diamond 60th Wedding Anniversary Gift 

Pair of Mugs

You will find a range of different coffee mugs. Find the most suitable design according to your partner’s taste. You can also personalize it with a picture of you two or their favourite quote or a quirky text like ‘Mr. And Mrs. Still going Strong’. Just add a message card with it, and you are good to go.

Award-Cut Glass Gift

Staying together for so long makes it on point to award them with a memento for their excellent togetherness. Get a cut glass engraved with official award message and gift them this memory that says so much about the hard work that goes on in making life just as it is today for them!

Wooden heart plaque

Wood is love! Get a personalized plaque for the loving couple and get an awesome message engraved. You can also have a diamond engraved in the plaque and make it a luxurious gift that speaks of their 60th Anniversary with passion.

60th Diamond anniversary gifts

Champagne flute set

Get them a set of fine champagne flutes. Make it gold brim and buy it from a boutique place that specializes in glasses. You will find many designs available in the market and online too. Do add a note of love in the box and do not forget to add a bouquet of orchids with the gift!

Newspaper book

60 years is a long time. And those who’ve been together for such a long should be appreciated and honoured. Make them feel that they have come a long way and in the best way possible. You will find old newspaper collections online at so many stores. You can personalize it too by making it leather-bound and engraving a message and their names on it.

Personalized tea and coffee tin

If the couple is a tea or a coffee lover (they must be, I am sure!), gift them a boutique designer personalized tea and coffee tin. Make it trendy by putting up designs like floral, chintz, paisley or whatever you think they might like!

Personalized bone china plate

Bone China is beautiful. It is very delicate and is also used for decor purposes. Gift them a personalized bone china plate that would carry a message from you to the amazing ‘Mr & Mrs’.

Personalized luxury champagne

Champagnes come in various ranges. Gift them a classic blend of very good quality. You can also include a set of flutes personalized saying ‘My Lord and M’Lady’. They will absolutely love it! Champagne can be one of the best gift ideas on the diamond anniversary.

Diamond Anniversary Unusual Gifts

Want something out-of-the-box for your loved ones? Check out our collection. 

Diamond ring set

Gift them a Diamond Ring set that is a classic design. You will find many gift sets online or in stores, especially made for these occasions. I am sure you will find a gift set box very easily. Make the box ultra-pretty and if you want, you can get it personalized too.

Personalized deluxe crystal jar

Crystal Jars are awesome. They come in various designs and shapes. You can choose from something classic that involves no major crystal cutting but just round crystals. Or you can totally choose something with a unique design. Gift the crystal Jar with flowers of red, orange and yellow- the colours of love and friendship.

Honeymoon Bonanza

It’s been 60 years; you can be the close one that reminds them of solitude and rest. Gift them an amazing getaway for a weekend or so. Get a plan that covers everything, and they wouldn’t have to worry about anything in their togetherness trip. This will be one of the awesome gift ideas on diamond anniversary!

Personalized wooden wine box

Wine Boxes are so lavish. They are a beautiful set of a wine bottle and two wine glasses. You can get them from a boutique on the ground or some online store. You should add a note of your own message in the box. This is a perfect gift in itself.

Personalized slate cheese box

The main ingredient of Love is Cheese, is it not? Cheese in speech and cheese on a plate, cheese works anywhere and everywhere.

Diamond Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Grandparents

If you are lucky enough to celebrate your grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, you have got to give them something that is truly magical. After all, your grandma and grandpa deserve nothing less than the very best!

The Flower of memories gift

You can get custom made flowers made from the newspaper of the year that gets got hitched. Or you can gift them a small garden in a tub of succulents. You don’t necessarily need to gift flowers in a bouquet, there is so much that you can do with it. Get the creative juices flowing!

Map photo album

This is a gift that you will have to overlook in the making. You need to have pictures and information about the places they have visited together. A map of visits and back pages of the places they should visit from this day. Get the Map Photo Album designed by a good designer.

Personalized picnic hamper

Who doesn’t love picnics? Gift them a day out in the sun to revive those long-left conversations, pack the bag with food, rug, hats and all that you can think of. There are places that give you a prepared bag for a picnic. Find your best suit!

The bench of love

To adorn their balcony or garden space. This bench is easily found online and can be custom made too. Write their nicknames on the seat and get a wooden texture on it if it’s not made of wood!

Diamond wedding anniversary gifts for parents

Diamond Glass

Glasses in the shape of a diamond look awesome and it is yet more brilliant to drink whiskey from it. You must get a customized wooden box and place the glasses in it with a note for your lovely parents!

Chocolate tree

The chocolate tree is a little cliche for those who are thinking of getting a very unconventional. But you can do something creative with the tree idea. Make a tree of family names or photographs and add dark chocolate wrapped in vibrant colours that can act as flowers. I am sure your mum and dad will love it.

Fine Dine coupons

Fine dining food is everybody’s, first love. Pick a very lavish space in the area and gift your parents the gift of awesome food. This is one gift that would be loved by everybody! Pick best for the best!

Would you like to share some awesome gift ideas on diamond anniversary? Let us know in the comments section below.

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