Sometimes, a store-bought gift just doesn’t send the perfect message for Father’s Day. Make Daddy, the star of the day feel extra special and privileged this year with a gift that’s made just for him. With a little creative thought and a splash of love and affection, you can make 20 DIY gifts to give your father this father’s day that he will never forget.

20 DIY gifts to give your father this father’s day

1. Hot Pepper oil

This gift is best for a foodie dad. Spice up his meats, veggies, eggs, with hot pepper-infused olive oil. Choose a beautiful bottle that enables easy pouring and you are good to go.

2. Cook his favorite brownies

Cook those crunchy caramel brownies for your dad and gift pack them with colorful ribbons on the top. Your dad will surely go bananas over it when you will gift him these after a long day at work.

3. Mint mix shaving cream

Go all green this father’s day using homemade shaving cream. Use a mint mix flavor, supply your dad a whole year’s shaving cream. Your handsome dad will be freshly shaven, Feeling cool.

4. Beer glasses

Buy tall beer glasses and customize them with the choice of your letters. He will be reminded of you whenever he will hold those classy glasses.

5. Create a customized smartphone case

Give your dad’s phone a new look by creating smartphone cases that fit his personality. Add his favorite literary character or actor he will enjoy seeing it every day.

6. DIY T-shirts

Buy a daddy’s favorite color shirt and place your creativity on it. It could be some pictures drawn or some messages paint on it. Your dad will love wearing it on those outdoor picnic days and flaunt it to his friends.

7. Colorful lounge chair

Decorate dad’s lounge chair with lots of colors and cushions and dad will surely love to sip a cup of coffee and forget all his fatigue after spending a long tiring day at the office.

8. Custom cup

Get your dad a custom photo cup. Add a picture of and your dad spending some amazing time. This will fresh n up dad and put a smile on his face all day even if he is tired like anything. Or when you will leave for your boarding schooling after the vacation, this gift will remind him of you and daddy’s special moments spent together.

9. Scented candles

Pamper dad to the utmost relaxation, Make luxuriously scented candles with the use of essential oils. Personalize it with your choice of colors, Photos, and patterns. Give it a luxurious look with your genius creative ideas.

10. Pancakes

Prepare something different than those monotonous bread and omelet breakfast. Jazz up dad’s first meal of the day with fun shaped pancakes. Design it in the shapes of tools, flowers, hearts, etc.

11. Wood coaster

Customize a DIY coaster with one of Dad’s interests, his favorite themes.

12. Barbecue rub recipe

If he’s king of the grill, make him a barbecue rub he can use all summer long.

13. Grilling apron

With just a flour sack towel and black trim, you can make him an apron for grilling that he’ll still feel “manly” wearing.

14. Business cardholder

Stitch up vintage postcards to make a slim wallet or business card holder for your business tycoon daddy.

Here’s how: Fold the postcard in half with the decorative side facing up, and cut a half-moon from the top front of the postcard. Open the card flat and cover with a sheet of clear, lightweight vinyl; stitch all around the postcard, 1/4-inch from its edge. Trim vinyl to fit and refold the postcard in half. Sew the wallet around three edges, leaving the top open. Surprise him with this new cardholder and he will surely give you a tight hug.

15. Book storage boxes

Extend the shelf life of outdated secondhand books, and give Dad a way to keep his desk organized. He will easily find whatever book he wants to take a look at.

16. Picture frame

All we need is paint, polished rocks and super glue to turn an old picture frame into a fun and a creative gift for Dad. You can also collect some small rocks from a hike or your yard. Add a picture Dad will love. Daddy is going to pat your shoulder for your genius creative pocket-friendly gift ideas.

 17. Mini mint tin toolboxes

Turn the classic Altoids tin into an adorable mini toolbox that’s perfect for Father’s Day. The tin is the ideal size for holding small items such as coins, gum, nuts and bolts, and other on-the-go supplies.

18. Father’s day picnic

Leave the fancy dining for another day, and instead enjoy a casual picnic on Father’s Day. Pack a picnic kit with all the essentials, and

head out to Dad’s favorite outdoor spot (or the backyard) for a fun and stress-free meal.

19. Goodie basket

Gather an armful of Dad’s favorite goodies and organize a Father’s Day goodie basket comprising your dad’s favorite cookies, Chocolates, perfumes, etc. Your dad would not resist himself appreciating your creative ideas.

20. Homemade concrete planter

You can make a gift from concrete and used plastic containers. Be sure to pop in succulents or herbs before gifting to Dad this Father’s Day.

Your dad might have got everything he needs, but a little effort from your side would pamper him and make him feel special. He might have refused to buy him something but he never will never deny making something for him.

Show your dad how much you appreciate him with any of these Father’s Day gift ideas that won’t break the bank and go easy on your pocket you can make 20 DIY gifts to give your father this present father’s day that he will always remember. Whether you’re looking for easy Father’s Day gifts or last-minute Father’s Day gifts, these DIY gifts are sure to get a smile on daddy’s face. These creative DIYs are made with love, which is all a dad really wants on June 17.

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