20 Gifts for your father this father’s day

Father’s day is around the corner, and it’s all about celebrating dad- our superhero of all times, the savior. The best dad deserves a fantastic gift. Let’s ensure that 20 Gifts for your father this father’s day treated as a unique father’s day present. Your father is sure to be over the moon with what you pick for him. Impress your dad with these super cool present ideas.

1. Wireless sport headphones

If your dad is a fitness freak, who kick starts his day with cardio, he will definitely appreciate a pair of discreet wireless earbuds, which tracks heartbeats too. It would help him maintain his fitness regime and stay fit and handsome.

2. Amazon Echo

It is a slender, sleek device that will play your dad’s favorite music, read him the news aloud, help him keep a check upon the weather. It’s wireless and delivers Alexa functionality too.

3. Electric foil shaver

Level up dad’s grooming arsenal with a sleek shaver. This is the perfect gift for a dad who has been using the razors until now. Spare him of those cuts and wounds that a razor leaves after shaving. He is definitely going to make this his best friend.

4. Cool Aviators

To polish your old man’s look, gift him a pair of aviator cool sunglasses, Your dad would proudly flaunt his newfound cool look at a family gathering or during his summer holidays.

5. Hammer toolset

Give the “Mr.Fixer” of your house a 44-piece toolset that comes perfectly organized in a toolbox and let him tightens up screws all around the house, and hammer nails into the wall. All this is all that he loves!. It would also show that you appreciate how he takes care of every minute thing in the house.

6. Pressurized Growler for Craft beer

Well, We all know dad’s favorite moment of the day is slurping cold beer while sitting on his rest chair after a long tiring day. So, why not gift him this growler? .It will keep his opened beer fresh for up to two weeks and he can use it as a regular beer pouring tap. It is a classy gift option.

7. Digital fitness watch

This watch will motivate your dad to accomplish his fitness goal and follow the regime. It even reminds him to get up from his desk every few hours and sleep on time. He will be kept updated with his current weight.

8. Men’s scuff slipper

These suede slip-ons are perfect for padding around the house. The fur shearling insoles in it would pamper his toes and keep them fresh and clean.

9. Canvas Backpack

Encourage your dad’s traveling plans with a cool backpack which will help him keep his things organized while traveling. Water bottles, laptop and rest of the essentials will be kept safe.

10. Bourbon Bears

Satisfy his craving of something sweet mixed with classic bourbon crave he has always had

11. Sandwich maker

If your dad is an early riser, gift him this breakfast sandwich maker, which would prepare him a tasty morning meal in just 5 minutes. And Keep him active all day long.

12. Personalized Beer glasses

Raise a toast to dad’s special day with personalized printed glasses, that says “My Dad, My savior” or some messages of this sort.

13. For a Golf player dad

Personalize a set of golf sticks and balls with his name or with a special message.

14. A tablet

Make your dad’s internet surfing style extra comfortable with a tablet, Gift him a multi-purpose tablet, where he can browse, watch movies and even play games.

15. Surprise him with a weekend getaway

Gift him a surprise weekend trip, spa bookings, and a movie. Make sure to do all the booking for him where he can relax and chill.

16. Gold bracelets

Surprise your dad with an adorable gold bracelet that says” My superhero” .It will surely be held, dear.

17. Personalized Daddy Hammer Message

This engraved hammer can carry a fun personal message, a monogram, etc. If your dad happens to be a handyman, he would definitely cherish this. Every time he would look for a hammer, he will be reminded of you.

18. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are something your dad can flaunt as jewelry that is both functional and ornamental. They are so many kinds of cufflinks available to choose from, Hand Printed, Personalized, silver, Hand or footprint, keepsake cufflinks, etc. The best would be to opt for a personalized one with the message “ World’s best dad”, or go for a cooler version “ my old man” .This will surely fetch you from his appreciation.

19. Whiskey barrels

These are extremely classic and delightful centerpieces. It can be a very creative gift idea if combined with your personal message. Your dad would love to place it in the living room in order to flaunt it to his fellow mates.

20. Infused Olive oil

It is a brilliant way to spice up your daddy’s daily go to go recipes. Also, help them maintain the growth and shine of their hair. Olive oil is the best hair-growth agent.

Well, Your superhero might say he does not need anything at this time of every year, but a little token of love from your side will fill his heart with pride and love for you. How about we guarantee that 20 Gifts for your father this present father’s day treated as a remarkable father’s day present. Gift him the gifts that he never buys for himself because of the higher price or mood. It could be something he never knew he wanted but once he gets it he will forget how he lived without it. This father’s day gifts him those unique and practical presents that day would cherish not just this year, but in more times to come. Our dad is our knight in shining armor in disguise. For any problem that fell on us, we have looked up to him. It’s time we present him a toke of our love in the disguise of the “Father’s day”.

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