Purchasing a diamond is a huge investment. And like any other investment, it is important to do the homework before making a purchase decision. The first step in the process is to find out the best diamond shape for your hand. To determine the perfect diamond cut, it is important to identify the structure of your hands and fingers.

Do you have wide fingers? Long fingers? Large hands? The perfect ring doesn’t come to you this easily. You need to have knowledge of it. Depending on the structure of your hands and fingers, some designs will look amazing while others will fall short.

Buying diamonds is easy, as long as you have the money to afford it. The main problem lies in deciding which diamond cut goes with your hand shape.

This article will help you to find the best diamond shape for your hand

Best Diamond shape for your hand

diamond shape on hand palmistry
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In order to get that perfect diamond, the first step is to identify your hand shape. You need to observe the length and width of your fingers and size of your hand. Fingernails also play an important role. Long nails elongate your fingers.

Finding the perfect ring is a long process and you should give yourself plenty of time before making a decision. Keep on trying different ring designs on your hand because they might look different on your hand as they look in the display.

Ask even the moronic question you have in your head regarding the ring. You deserve to have full knowledge about it. The designers and retailers have in-depth knowledge and they can suggest suitable designs. It is vital to make sure that the ring is sized correctly. There is nothing flattering about tight or loose rings.

Best diamond shape for short fingers

what diamond shape is best for small hands
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To make your short fingers elongated, look for stones that are longer in shapes such as the oval, marquise or pear-cut stones. Make sure you pick up the narrow band. It suits short fingers.

A pear cut with its rounded end and the tapered point are universally flattering. It gives an illusion of length to those who have short fingers and provides a nice balanced shape for those with larger hands. Marquise-cut stones set vertically can also have an elongating effect on your hand.

To accentuate your fingers, you should go for rectangular emerald-shaped stones with slender and narrow-width bands.

Best diamond shape for petite hands

what shape diamond suits my hand
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Petite hands or small fingers look best with a small-sized diamond. If you have petite hands or short fingers, you should try pear-shaped diamonds, marquise-shaped diamonds, or oval-shaped diamonds. These are budget friendly and will look best in your hands.

Best diamond shape for long and thin fingers

emerald cuts
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Long and thin fingers have a lot of freedom when it comes to the shape and size of the centre stone. You can go all creative if you have long fingers. Large hand makes the bigger stones appear brighter and fancier.

Fancy, square and round stones work wonders on thin fingers. Go for large, bold designs and wide-band statement pieces. Consider thicker, heavier bands or double rows of diamonds.

Women who have been blessed with long fingers can experiment with bold, dramatic designs that capture their way up to the finger. Long fingers also suit bigger stones. Princess and round-cut diamonds set onto a thicker band are particularly meant for longer fingers.

Best diamond shape for slim fingers

cushion cut
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Opt for a smaller stone set onto a thicker band in order to create an illusion of width. If your fingers are short but slender, you should look for a narrow marquise- or pear-cut diamond in order to elongate and widen the look of your fingers.

Best diamond shape for wide fingers

Best diamond shape for wide fingers
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If you own wide fingers, do not go for narrow stones as they reveal too much skin on either side of the ring that will further exaggerate the width of your fingers. Consider looking for larger round stones or cluster styles set onto a medium to the thick band that creates a slimming effect. Asymmetrical and angular shapes, like the emerald-cut diamond engagement ring, help to create the illusion of slimmer fingers.

Best diamond shape for small hands

Best diamond shape for small hands
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Try to keep the stone in proportion to your hands while selecting for a smaller round, heart or princess-cut diamond. Go for simple delicate rings as they can give you a proportionate look on your small hands. If you have your mind set on a petite, delicate ring, pair it with a wider wedding band to create a chunkier look.

Best diamond shape for square hands and fingers

Best diamond shape for square hands and fingers
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The main aim is to soften the angular look with flowing, feminine designs and stones with a more rounded cut if your hand and fingers are square-shaped. Steer clear of square shapes such as the princess cut and opt instead for round, oval or pear-cut stones.

Best diamond shape for thick and chubby hands and fingers

Best diamond shape for thick and chubby hands and fingers
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Thick fingers are the trickiest types of hands to work with. The fingers in thick hands are generally wider, you would need to have more finger coverage from the ring or diamond; otherwise, the ring will look understated.

Short, long, slender or wide, there are different engagement rings to flatter each and every hand size and finger shape. You just need to keep the tips in mind while purchasing the engagement rings.

What shape of diamond suits your hand?

What shape of diamond suits your hand
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In order to identify which diamond shape suits you, it is important to understand the importance of knowing the characteristics of a diamond. Characteristics of Diamond can be defined by explaining the 4 Cs of diamond.

The 4 Cs of Diamond:

Once your diamond shape is final, you should put focus on the 4 C’s. 4 C’s stands for Carat, Colour, Cut and Clarity.

These are the factors that set diamond’s price. The 4 C’s are described below:

  • Carat: Diamond carat is the weight of the diamond and it reflects the size of it. The larger the diamond, the valuable it becomes. It takes 250 tons of rock mining to produce 1.00 carat of diamond, which makes it rare and expensive. The increase in the weight of carat results in an increase of its monetary value.
  • Colour: The colour of diamond is a soft tint of yellow. Diamonds are considered white, although on the lower end they have a yellow tint. Diamonds have their natural colour. The more it has a yellow tint on the bottom, the less is its sparkle.
  • Cut: Diamonds are cut to maximise the sparkle and overall visual beauty of a diamond. Diamonds sparkle is a result of light performance. As light hits a diamond, it penetrates the diamond, bounces around and reflects within the diamond and ultimately returns light to your eye. That is the sparkle that you see. The cutting of a diamond directly impacts the amount of light performance achieved.
  • Clarity: During the growth of diamonds, impurities or imperfections start emerging. These imperfections are known as diamond inclusions. Inclusions give diamonds their uniqueness. The inclusions cumulatively make up the diamond’s clarity. This clarity is measured by gemologists and graded on a scale.

Mistakes to avoid while buying diamonds:

Giving a diamond ring to your partner at your engagement ceremony is a lifelong commitment with a huge price tag. Nearly two in three grooms stated that they encountered difficulties during the ring purchasing journey.

There are 2 mistakes that you should avoid while buying an engagement ring:

  1. Don’t buy it if you don’t have the budget: Many times people buy diamonds to show off without considering the quality of it. Diamonds are expensive and rare. If you are making an investment in diamonds, you should consider certain factors so that your money doesn’t go in waste.
  2. Don’t buy without seeing the ring in person: Many people buy the ring online. It is highly recommended to go to the showroom and buy it from there. People think that they got all the information in the 4 C’s rating on paper. But it only tells you the half story. You still need to go to the showroom and see it yourself.


1. Which Engagement ring is suitable for long fingers?

You can go for Thicker, heavier bands or double rows of engagement ring would be best for long fingers.

2. Which Engagement ring is suitable for slim fingers?

For slim fingers, you can opt for a smaller stone-like marquise or pear-cut diamond set into a thicker band to create an illusion of width.

3. Which Engagement rings are suitable for small hands?

For small hands, opt for a smaller round, heart or princess-cut diamond along with the simple delicate rings for the best look.

4. Which Engagement rings for square hands and fingers?

For square hands and fingers, square shapes such as the princess cut and opt instead for the round, oval or pear-cut stones.

5. How to tell if the diamonds are real without testing it?

To know if the diamonds are real, place the diamond in front of your mouth and fog it up with your breath, the way you do in mirrors. If the diamond stays fogged for a few seconds, then it is fake. A real diamond won’t fog up easily since the condensation doesn’t stick to the surface.

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