When you decide to plunge into fishing out that perfect cut diamond for your hands, the most important factor to keep in consideration is your finger type and hand shape before selecting a design. If you haven’t yet, well, it’s high time you should start observing her hands. Do you have short fingers? Long fingers? Large knuckles? Petite hands? The perfect ring just not come to you easily. You have to study to know which diamonds suit your hand shape, hand’s structure, shape, size, etc.

Depending on the structure of your hands and fingers, some designs will look amazing while others will fall short. I hope this write up would take the stress out of finding the perfect ring and help you decide the best style for you.

Choosing the right diamonds suit your hand shape and finger shape still has to follow the prime rule that is it must suit your hand. Well, no doubt selecting that diamond piece might be some taking and a matter of trying on many different styles. But, there are certain diamond ring styles and cuts that will add to your hand’s best features and cover all your flaws. To help you in your hunt for the perfect diamond ring for your gorgeous, unique hand shape and features, here is a compilation of a quick guide to kick-start your search.

Which diamonds suit your hand shape

In order to get that perfect diamond, the first step you need to take is to establish your hand shape and take into observation the length and width of your fingers as well as the overall size of your hand. Don’t forget to observe whether you keep your nails long or trimmed short as longer nails have an elongating effect on the fingers. It is really important to avail yourself plenty of time and play around with lots of different ring designs as often they look very different on the finger compared to the ones we see on the display case.

Never hesitate about solving out your queries, it is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for you, the designer or retailer usually has the knowledge of hands of all shapes and sizes and can suggest different suitable styles accordingly. It is also vital to make sure that the ring is sized correctly as there is nothing flattering about a ring that is so tight that it pinches your finger or so loose that it slides around whenever you move your hand.

Engagement rings for short fingers

To give your short fingers the elongated look, look for stones that are longer in shapes such as the oval, marquise or pear-cut stones. Choose a narrow band that will give an illusion of length as will keeping your nails on the longer side. A pear cut with its rounded end and the tapered point are universally flattering. It gives an illusion of length to those who have short fingers and provides a nice balanced shape for those with larger hands. Marquise-cut stones set vertically can also have an elongating effect on a hand.

People with shorter fingers should try to accentuate their fingers; rectangular emerald-shaped stones would look great too. To create an illusion of length, choose slender and narrow-width bands.

Engagement rings for long fingers

Elongated, long, thin fingers have a lot of freedom when it comes to the shape and size of the center stone. You can go all creative if you own such fingers. The overall size of a large hand makes the bigger stones appear brighter and fancier.

Fancy, square and round stones work wonders on thin fingers. Go for large, bold designs and wide-band statement pieces. Consider thicker, heavier bands or double rows of diamonds.

Women who have been blessed with long fingers can experiment with bold, dramatic designs that capture their way up to the finger. Long fingers also suit bigger stones. Princess and round-cut diamonds set onto a thicker band are particularly meant for longer fingers.

Engagement rings for slim fingers

Opt for a smaller stone set onto a thicker band in order to create an illusion of width. If your fingers are short but slender you could look for a narrow marquise- or pear-cut diamond in order to elongate as well as widen the look of your fingers.

Engagement rings for wide fingers

If you own wide fingers, do not go for narrow stones as they reveal too much skin on either side of the ring that will further exaggerate the width of your fingers. Consider looking for larger round stones or cluster styles set onto a medium to the thick band that creates a slimming effect. Asymmetrical and angular shapes, like the emerald-cut diamond engagement ring, help to create the illusion of slimmer fingers.

Engagement rings for small hands

Try to keep the stone in proportion to your hands while selecting for a smaller round, heart or princess-cut diamond. Go for simple delicate rings as they can give you a proportionate look on your smaller hands, smaller stones in any cut really flatter very small fingers. If you have your mindset on a petite, delicate ring, pair it with a wider wedding band to create a chunkier look.

Engagement rings for square hands and fingers

The main aim is to soften the angular look with flowing, feminine designs and stones with a more rounded cut if your hand and fingers are square-shaped. Steer clear of square shapes such as the princess cut and opt instead for round, oval or pear-cut stones.

Engagement rings for thick and chubby hands and fingers

Thick fingers are the trickiest types of hands to work with. The fingers in thick hands are generally wider, you would need to have more finger coverage from the ring or diamond; otherwise, the ring would look understated.

Short, long, slender or wide, there are different engagement rings to flatter each and every hand size and finger shape. You just need to keep these above-mentioned tips in mind while purchasing the engagement rings.

This diamond cut analysis is intended as a useful resource for identifying the most flattering diamond cut and designs for individual hand and finger shapes.



Q 1 Which Engagement ring is suitable for long fingers?

You can go for Thicker, heavier bands or double rows of engagement ring would be best for long fingers.

Q 2 Which Engagement ring suitable for slim fingers?

For slim fingers, you can opt for a smaller stone-like marquise or pear-cut diamond set onto a thicker band to create an illusion of width.

Q 3 Which Engagement rings suitable for small hands?

For small hands, opt for smaller round, heart or princess-cut diamonds along with the simple delicate rings for the best look.

Q 4 Which Engagement rings for square hands and fingers?

For square hands and fingers, square shapes such as the princess cut and opt instead for the round, oval or pear-cut stones.

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