Alternative engagement rings – Why is it not for you?

Alternative Engagement rings are the new rage in the market. The new generation loves to do everything new and unconventional. Engagement ring since the advent of diamond in the jewelry business has been an engagement constant, a sight which is changing in this decade.

Since the times of usage of the diamond as an engagement ring, it has been stuck to the concept of forever (DeBeers connotation) and marriage. In earlier times, the ring was used as collateral. If a man would promise to marry a woman, he would ‘pledge’ by presenting a ring to her. If he decided to end the arrangement, alternative engagement rings would act as collateral to settle matters up. The fact that Tiffany and Co and DeBeers advertised along the same lines that ‘A diamond is for forever’ added extra leverage to the diamond and engagement perspectives.

The Millenial Cliche

One of the changes that this pertains to is the choice of the engagement rings. Along with major lifestyle changes, the millennial generation chooses to be nonmainstream in their own ways. Choosing alternative rings like opal emerald or simple ones with just carvings is on a high tide right now but it is not for you in the sense that you deserve elegance and something that shall remain with you forever.

Stick to Classic

If there is something, it is there for a reason. You must always look at the elegant side of things, diamond gives a sense of fulfillment and eternity. Diamond is the symbol of Venus which adds to the meaning of the symbolism with marriage. Stick to the classic designs and styles if you are a person who is not comfortable with change. Not everybody would like changes in their approach and this is one of those cases. Alternative engagement rings are very important and you must always consult your partner if you are planning to get a ring. If it is going to be a surprise, stick to Diamonds; better still stick to lab-created diamonds.

Diamond for a Reason

Diamond is given on engagements for a reason. They are a symbol of eternity and the best available out there. A diamond shall last you forever and is never going to go away. It never loses its texture or shines if you take good care of it and who doesn’t take good care of their engagement rings. Engagements don’t happen every day, they are occasions of ultimate love stance- make it big by including diamond in your love angle.

You will find so many designs and options available in the market today. Be unconventional in a sense that relieves the real diamonds and buy fake ones! Oh, yes these days the big hits are the synthetic diamonds or the lab-grown diamonds. Check out our large collections of lab-created diamonds. You can have as many options in the band and designs too-

Diamond in Rose Gold

Different types of designs placed on a rose gold band. Designs like a halo, promise ring designs look amazing with rose gold.

Diamond in White Gold

White gold is such a magnificence. It comes out in such an amazing makeup and the best suit would be princess cut, side stones, three stone. Look at as many options as you can before settling for a design. There are many design options available to us!

Diamond in Platinum

Classic Solitaire in an engagement ring is a must look if not buy! Popular since the advent, classic solitaire is the first choice amongst many. Cushion cut and three stone rings are awesome too!

Diamond in Yellow Gold

Bezel setting works really good with yellow gold, the shine of diamond, cross tail or tension setting are some popular choices that go well with yellow gold.

Diamond in Silver

Diamond In Sterling Silver looks amazing, the shine corresponds with each other and there are so many styles that you can look into. Channel Setting, flush setting and other patterns such as princess cut and halo would look amazing with silver.

Different types of Diamonds

There are many different types of diamond shapes and sizes Some of these are:
● Round
● Princess-Cut
● Oval
● Marquise
● Pear
● Cushion
● Asscher
● Emerald
● Radiant
● Heart

Go Green Diamonds

Always go for sustainability as it is our foremost responsibility for now. Our Diamonds are lab-created and do not involves blasts in mines, or exploitation that happens in the process of mining- there are so many discrepancies related to diamond mining. Lab created or fake diamonds give you a good and in many ways a better product. It is important to understand all of these ideas as we are moving towards a time that lacks resources. The lab-created diamonds are in many ways better than real diamonds as they have an option of as many options.

When you buy a lab-created diamond, you can have it in many colors and designs unlike that of real diamonds. Colors in real diamonds are miracle based wherein if a mineral acts up, color comes in. This is not true in the case of lab-created diamonds, your choice of colors can be attained (it will cost you a high tide more!).
It is a good investment too at the beginning of your investment life whence you will have to think of making a family!

Why should you go with sustainable diamonds?

1. They are a mark of environmental stability. It takes considerably less energy to grow a diamond in the lab. Mining is associated with many environmental hazards.
2. You can with 100% surity know the origin of your diamond. It would be good in any case to know that your diamond is not associated with any war or any kind of child labor that happens in the mining industry.
3. In most cases, you save up to 30% of the cost in a synthetic diamond than in a natural diamond. The save is more if you are opting for a colored diamond.
4. This entire concept is new and exciting. It happens rarely in the jewelry business that something entirely new comes up and rages in the industry, something that is environmentally sustainable and equally qualified as the natural diamond.
Go for something that you can be proud of, do not go for an alternative as a choice for now and in years to come, you shall regret the very choice. Choose wisely when it comes to important decisions in life!



Q 1 Which diamond design is best for the rose gold band?

Designs like a halo, promise ring designs look amazing with rose gold.

Q 2 Which diamond is best for white gold?

Diamonds like princess cut, side stones, three stone is the best for white gold.

Q 3 Which diamond is best for platinum?

Classic solitaire is best for platinum if you are buying an engagement ring.

Q 4 Which diamond is best for silver?

Channel Setting, flush setting and other patterns such as princess cut and halo is considered the best for silver.

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