So, you’re getting engaged, Congratulations! It’s time to kick off the engagement celebrations with a bang. Definitely, announcing your engagement would be the next thing on your mind. So, how you are going to do that? Are you calling for a big engagement bash or it’d be just a small family get together at home? Are you announcing it at beachside or your favourite dine-inn? Well, that’s totally up to you depending on what does getting engaged means to you. But, have you started with your engagement party preps? After all, this will be your once-in-a-lifetime moment, just like your wedding.

Wondering? No worries! Fabulously can help. Just like you have the do’s and don’ts of relationships, buying an engagement ring or wedding dress, you have them for engagement, as well.

But before we move forward, let’s take a look at some common questions related to engagement, which you might also relate to:

What does getting engaged mean?

Getting engaged doesn’t only mean saying “yes” when your partner proposes to you. But with a yes, one needs to realize that this is the beginning of a new chapter in life with the person they love the most. And that, you commit to accepting what all comes your way during the journey. 

What is the best age to get engaged?

It is common for couples to think if they are doing the right thing or if it is the right time to get engaged. While the answer to this question is entirely personal, it completely depends on an individual’s choice, based on their priorities in life. Hence, the right age of engagement is when a couple feels right. 

Which are the best places to get engaged?

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Well, the engagement place does not ACTUALLY matter. Instead, it’s the moment between the two of you that is worthwhile. But if you want to enjoy your special moment in a different way, you can always plan a date night or go to a romantic destination, or propose while doing an adventure activity. Some of the common engagement venues include: 

  • Date night with candlelight or live music 
  • An outdoor location such as a garden, beach or under the stars. 
  • Any specific location, like where the two of you met or a destination where you want to go together.
  • A banquet hall or a family gathering at home. 

How to get engaged?

If both of you have decided to spend your lives together, and that you trust in your relationship, you can get engaged. Ideally, the right way to do it is by exchanging rings. However, this depends on tradition to tradition.

How to get engaged without a ring?

An engagement ring is a crucial aspect of any traditional proposal. But, there are various other interesting ways to propose your beloved without a ring. After all, it’s the love and togetherness that matter. Here are some ideas you can think about:

  • Propose your partner while on a getaway. Spend some quality time together and pop the question.
  • If you’re good at scribbling words, you may write a poem and reveal your idea of spending life together.
  • Throw a small get together and pop up the question in the presence of your friends and family.  
  • A tattoo is a great way to show commitment. Surprise your partner with a body tattoo and ask them to get a matching tattoo on their body too while popping up the big question.
  • Prepare a scrapbook of your special moments and end it with a blank page. You can draw or write something on it that let your partner know about your thoughts. You can then officially propose them and paste a new photo in the scrapbook, of the moment when they say, “YES”. 

Moving Forward…

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So, here we have got the dos and don’ts of engagement party planning. Just consider these ten things, and you’ll be well on your way to celebrating the big news with your loved ones.

Announce Your Engagement to important people

Engagement is a major milestone in a couple’s life. It marks the onset of a new chapter in their lives. And since your parents and friends play a crucial role in your life, they must be the first to get the good news. So, once your partner has popped the big question, and you’ve expressed the acceptance, the next thing you should do is to tell your parents about it. Announce it on social media, may be with a beautiful picture of you and your partner. But, make sure to call your parents, siblings, and close friends personally and share the news. You wouldn’t probably want your mom to hear about your engagement from your neighbours.

Fix the Engagement Party Date

It’d be of great convenience if you finalise the engagement date soon after the big proposal. This is because people book in advance the most popular engagement venues, and you might end up celebrating yours at home. Also, if you are planning to invite a good many guests at the party, you will need to inform them well in advance, too. For this, deciding your engagement date should be a priority. Delaying this shall create last-minute chaos, which might end up ruin your plan. P.S – You may discuss with your closest family members and friends to suggest a date as per their availability.

Keep that Stress at Bay

You might feel overwhelmed at the prospect of planning your engagement. Whether you’ve been planning it in your head since your college days or it’s come as a total surprise, ambivalence is quite obvious at this time. It’s obvious! However, you should not let it stress you out or cause you sleepless nights worrying about your impending engagement party. It’s just a party, after all. Make it as elaborate or as simple. It’s all on you. Don’t freak out. If nothing goes as you want, you can always flee!

Decide who’s Hosting

Definitely, it’s your engagement party, and everybody in your family and friends would be as excited as you are. Hence, they all would be equally desperate to participate in the planning and get one or the other responsibilities to handle. Of many, hosting the engagement party is something that everyone would be going Ga Ga over. Well, whether it’s you and your fiancé, your cousins, siblings, your BFF, just about anyone can plan an engagement. But before you hand over this responsibility to anybody, make sure they are the right one to take it. After all, it’s your big day and you wouldn’t want to spoil it for any reasons.

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You can pick top contenders you feel fit for the role of a host. Ask them to come up with their plan and how would they manage the entire event. For better decisions, you can also ask them to try out their script for the main day. Moreover, you can also choose more than one hosts to host your engagement party.

Whatsoever, you can always call in the help of a professional wedding planner if you have a grand engagement bash in your mind.

Embrace Advice (But don’t take all)

The moment you share the news with your near and dear ones, your WhatsApp will jam up with advice and suggestions. This might be quite annoying but such an attitude might go against you, especially when you’re planning a big bash soon. So, don’t panic. Simply, listen to what people have to say and leave a polite reply like, “Thanks a ton, I’ll absolutely consider your advice/suggestion” and move on. Remember you don’t need to agree to take it all on. But you should also keep your eyes and ears open as there’s likely some gems of advice in there.

Check on the engagement ring

While you already have that sparkling thing on your finger, your closed ones will certainly want to experience that special moment at your engagement party. So, make sure to pack your engagement ring and keep it ready to tote to the party venue. Don’t forget to get a beautifully decorated engagement ring tray.

Get your ring sized

There might be chances that your engagement ring doesn’t fit your finger well. Well, if your ring is too big or too small, seek a jeweller who could resize it for you. Otherwise, you could end up losing or damaging it.

Create your Gift Registry

Well, it’s not necessary to give away gifts for the engagement party. However, there’s always a chance you’ll get some anyway. So, if you are hoping to get gifts for your engagement day, then this would be a great time to build your gift list in advance. This will reduce your burden during your wedding preparation, and you could think of some more unique return gift ideas.

Keep yourself Happy, but fit too

The first thing women do as soon as the engagement takes place is, go on a diet. Well, lady, that’s not at all required, unless you are too fat to fit in your favourite wedding dress! You also don’t need to have your teeth done or skin peeled/injected to look beautiful. Remember, your partner chose you for who you are, which means they love you just the way you are. Hence, you don’t need to go for any dramatic makeover, be it your weight or beautifying your looks. Instead, try having a healthy diet and keep yourself fit. From engagement to the wedding, it’s a long way ahead and staying happy, calm and healthy will be extremely fruitful in coping up.

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Spend time with your Partner

Planning an engagement means you are busy like crazy. You have a lot on your plate. From inviting the guests to shopping every other day and tolerating thousands of mouths around, you’ll be occupied from head to toe. In such a case, it’s obvious for you not to take out time and see your better half more often. DO NOT DO THAT!

Remember, this is YOUR time and getting the engagement ring is just the beginning of a new partnership. Hence, you must spend time together as much as possible. Talk to each other often, discuss your plans for the big bash, share your issues and resolve them together. You and your partner should enjoy this time. Release that prep stress by spending time together doing your favourite activities.

Wedding planning can make you both crazy. Hence, always take time out to relax, and stay happy.


Engagement is a special occasion in a couple’s life. And an engagement party is a fantastic way to share that joy with your loved ones. Let the world know what does getting engaged means to you through your engagement party. I hope this post will help you plan your engagement bash easy-peasy.

Do share your experience with our audience in the comments section below.

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