There’s always something about diamonds that makes it the talk of the town, be it their origin, glitter, price, or inclusions. Of all these, one thing which is worth marvelling at is the DIAMOND SHAPE.

Well, we have already discussed a lot about different diamond shapes in our previous blog. So, what made me curate yet another blog on diamond shapes? Recently, I came to know that diamond shapes reflect the wearer’s personality. Yes, you heard that right! What shape of the diamond ring you choose actually says a lot about your personality.

Now stop wild guessing while staring at your ring. Continue to read the blog. And, you will know the link between diamond shape and your personality traits.

But before we head ahead on this, let us first know more about diamonds and their shapes.

What Shape is a Diamond?

diamond cutter

It depends on what diamond form are you referring to – the rough (aka raw) diamonds in the purest form or the polished, faceted ones. 

Raw Diamond Shapes

The natural, uncut diamonds, commonly known as the rough diamonds are found in different shapes and sizes. Some of the common raw diamond shapes are: 

  •  Octahedrons
  • Balls or Spheres
  • Cubes
  • Macles (flat-triangular shaped)
  • Slices

Diamond Cut Shapes (Fancy Shapes of Diamonds) 

As we know, raw diamonds are polished and cut to form fancy diamonds, which we usually see in diamond rings. The most popular diamond shapes are:

  • Princess-Cut Diamonds
  • Square or rectangular cut diamonds
  • Round Diamonds
  • Oval Diamonds
  • Marquise Diamonds
  • Pear shaped Diamonds
  • Cushion Cut Diamonds
  • Emerald Cut Diamonds
  • Asscher Cut Diamond
  • Radiant Cut Diamond
  • Heart Shaped Diamond

How are Diamonds Shaped?

radiant cut diamonds

Diamond cutting is the process to change a rough diamond into a beautifully shaped gem. Being the hardest material on the earth, mechanically only a diamond can cut another diamond. Further, to cleave and brute the diamonds, lasers are the alternative. Usually, diamond-bladed edges or discs make-up the tools lined in diamond dust.

The actual diamond cutting process comprise five steps:

  • Planning: During this step, the cutter determines the possible diamond shapes to maximize yield and minimize waste. The cutter then maps the rough stone using a Sarin machine and formulate 3D models that helps in best optimizing the rough.
  • Cleaving: Here, the rough diamond is split into separate pieces. The cutter then works on the pieces discreetly with the aim to utilize the rough stone fully.  
  • Bruting: In this stage, separated raw diamonds are shaped to round. The cutter places two diamonds across each other on a spinning axle to grind against each other. This girdling creates a rough girdle finish. 
  • Polishing: The polisher places the rounded diamond on a rotating arm and uses a spinning wheel to polish it. This is how we obtain the reflective and smooth facets of a diamond. 
  • Inspecting: The inspector checks the diamond to make sure it meets all the specifications given by the manufacturer. (Source)

So, now you have got an idea on how we obtain different diamond shapes. It’s now time to see how close your preferred diamond shape is your personality. 

Diamonds Shapes and Personality

Round Cut Diamond Shape

diamond cuts

Personality traits: Traditional, sincere, elegance

Celebrity: Miranda Kerr, Madonna.

A classic diamond with brilliant reflection and 57-mirror like facets. If you are a woman who prefers round cut diamonds, it reflects your out-going and cultivated personality. You are like the stone itself – glamorous, sophisticated and flamboyant. This diamond shape is perfect for a lady who favours traditional romance and elegance.

This is a very popular diamond shape and accounts for the majority of diamond engagement rings.

Princess Cut Diamond Shape

Personality Traits: Lively, Flirty, Intelligent.

Celebrity: Jessica Bael, Kate Bosworth.

If you are truly romantic, this “hopelessly romantic” diamond shape known to manifest style, beauty and edge is ideal for you. The princess cut is adorned for its perfect square shape.

This diamond shape makes women feel royal. It is a ring shape for an idealistic and dreaming woman who believes in the fairy tale and dreams of a whole horse and carriage themed wedding. This is the most-fancy diamond shape with utmost sparkle.

Oval Cut Diamond Shape

asscher cut diamonds

Personality Traits: Creative, Bright, Daring.

Celebrity: Kate Middleton, Hailey Bieber.

A diamond cut known for its vintage charm. It is more unique and creative than round-shaped diamonds. Women who love vintage and artistic items usually prefer oval-shaped diamond rings.

As the true nature of oval diamond shapes, these women are bright and lively. A woman who likes to be unique and flaunts it smartly should go for this diamond shape. This shape also reflects creative and individualistic personality.

Cushion Cut Diamond Shape

Personality Traits: Traditional, femininity, Effortless Elegance

Celebrity: Kim Kardashian, Megan Markle 

A perfect masterpiece with square rectangular cut, round corners & large facets. The cushion-cut is a synonym to brilliance. A woman who knows that the past commands the future and embraces this fearlessly often chooses to wear cushion cut diamond rings.

She is as bold as the cut but is traditional and filled with femininity. Being a team player and dependable is also a common personality trait of such women. 

Emerald Cut Diamond Shape 

rectangular shapes

Personality Traits: Sophisticated, Hard-working, Straightforward

Celebrity: Beyoncé, Amal Clooney

The best option to fill your friends with envy, this shape focuses on brilliance and clarity. The ring shape defines a woman who is a diva and super stylish. This distinctive shape is popular for its beauty, boldness and strength, just like the wearer.

Choosing an emerald cut diamond ring tells the world that you are confident in being where you are. This is an ideal shape for women who enjoy glitzy and exuberant fashion.

Pear Cut Diamond Shape 

Personality traits: Adventurous, Adaptable, Calm

Celebrity: Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson

This shape is a very modish and bold mix of a marquise and round shaped diamonds. Somebody who is always on the lookout for daring adventures best resonates with this shape.

Further, this unique shape reflects a romantic personality with a different level of vibrancy. The wearer is usually full of life, lively and sophisticated. Also, if you are looking to create an illusion of long hands with elegance, this shape is for you.

Marquise Diamond Shape

square cut

Personality Traits: Fearless, Creative, Theatrical

Celebrity: Ashlee Simpson, Catherine Zeta-Jones

This diamond shape is ideal for women with “larger than life” philosophy. And the shape clearly reflects this trait of yours with its tapered tips and slender profile, which makes the gem appear larger.

Women who prefer this shape usually love vintage and glamour. This shape also shows the daring and dramatic personality of the wearer. This ring shape is for the lady who isn’t afraid to break the rules step outside the boundary when she feels the need. 

Heart Cut Diamond Shape  

Personality Traits: Romantic, Feminine, Far from Traditional

Celebrity: Lady Gaga

You might have seen this diamond shape as a symbol of cupid love. This gem is both sparkly and “I love you” card. The woman who is romantic at heart will love wearing a heart-shaped ring.

Also, she embraces everything love represents. She is a feminine who remains far from a traditional outlook. She is also bold and willing to take risks in life.

Asscher Cut Diamond Shape 

step cuts

Personality Traits: Mystique, Straightforward, Loves Magic in life

Celebrity: Pippa Middleton

This vintage shape is one of the most traditional choices today. It became extremely popular when Carrie Bradshaw (a character from the show, Sex and City) wore the ring shape for the first time.

If you like things to be straightforward, clear and balanced, this diamond shape reflects you in the best way. Women also like Asscher cuts for their old-world sophistication. Hence, such women have a love for antiques and unique designs. This shape is perfect for a lady who likes magic and mystique. 

Radiant Diamond Shape

Personality Traits: Unwavering, Outgoing, Bubbly

Celebrity: Jennifer Aniston

The radiant shape is another square or rectangle cut known for their vibrance, fire and brilliance.  This is a very versatile choice for women who are unwavering and glamorous. 

American Vogue once wrote, ‘Women who like radiant shapes are usually bubbly and outgoing. If you like to show off your glam, this cut is perfect for you. Also, if you are exotics and charming and a woman of flare and pride, this is the perfect ring shape for you.


Choosing a diamond shape is a personal choice. So, it’s okay if you don’t go by making your selection based on the diamond shapes and their link with a specific personality. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are pear shaped diamonds more expensive?

    Yes, pear shaped diamonds are expensive but cost 10-30% less than round cut diamond, which is the most expensive diamond shape.

  2. Which is the best diamond shape?

    Round brilliant diamond is by far the perfect diamond shape and is wildly popular among couples.

  3. What are the popular raw diamond shapes?

    The most common shape for raw diamonds is the octahedron. Besides, sphere, cube, macles, and slices are other popular raw diamond shapes.

  4. What are the popular green diamond shapes?

    Green diamonds can be shaped into a wide range of fancy diamonds including emerald, princess, Asscher, radiant, pear, oval, round, heart, cushion, and marquise. However, the most accepted shapes for green diamonds are cushion and radiant. This is because they are cut in a way that best compliments the colour of the stone.

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