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Audrey Hepburn is serving us some real swanky and girly advice on our favourite gemstone.
Let’s talk about the most sought after diamond and its most expensive diamond cut. Because when it comes to diamonds, the more expensive it is, the more precious.

Which is the most expensive diamond shape?

A ring to a woman is like a huge bunch of flowers, but more expensive or a new car, but sometimes equally expensive. This is for the uninformed agents who may pick up the first ring that they find at the jeweller. Stop. Men and women, you have to know your diamonds. You are paying good money for it, might as well school yourself on why!

We have curated for you a brief of the most expensive diamond cuts and why they are unique. Ready for the ride? Let’s go.

There are many factors to consider when you buy diamonds. Small details play a big role in determining the value of the stone. Diamonds are tricky with their pricing. A small diamond may be more expensive than a bigger one sometimes. It may be because of its superior cut, colour or clarity.

While picking up a ring, there is a lot of pressure involved. You have to select the best of the best that will not break your budget but will look like a splurge.

The 4Cs of the diamond

The 4Cs of the diamond is the carat, colour, cut and clarity. These are the primary factors that determine the diamond quality and the price of the stone. Gemologists grade diamonds according to them to different cut grades, clarity grades and colour grades. Even the diamond shape and rarity too play a big role in determining its worth.

When it comes to buying diamonds as jewellery, the question is, what type of diamond you would buy? The shape of a diamond very much influences the price of the stone and also its visual appeal.

For example, a round-shaped diamond displays the full brilliance of the stone. It is sparkly and radiant. An emerald cut diamond, on the other hand, gives the effect of a half mirror and is more demure.

What is the most expensive diamond cut?

While buying a diamond, it’s important for one to know which diamond cut is the most expensive. It can help you make an informed decision and plan the budget accordingly.

What are the most expensive diamond cuts in order?

Let’s get straight to the point. Let’s now look at the diamond cuts from the priciest to the cheapest.

  • Round Brilliant Cut: This one is the most expensive cuts. This is due to its high demand and the large loss of material during cutting.
  • Oval, marquise, and pear shape: These are pricey because they are elongated stones and take skill to be cut.
  • Asscher cut: The next pricier one. This one too loses a lot of material when working it.
  • Princess cut and Radiant Cut: Not as much of a budget breaker as they are square or rectangular shaped. The wastage is very less; thus they are cheaper.
  • Cushion and Heart shape: The perfect cuts, packing both great brilliant and fits the budget.
  • Emerald shape: These are the least expensive shape, but they are such a classic too!

The round cut is of a different game. It costs about 20%-40% more than other fancy-shaped diamonds of the same carat weight. Talk about vanity!

When choosing your engagement ring, wedding ring or any other jewellery with diamonds, you will need to know the different cuts and why they are unique.

Are Round cut diamonds more expensive?

diamond cuts most expensive
Round cut diamond
Source: Brilliance

Well, if you are talking of the relative value between diamonds of same carats but different cuts, yes. The round cut will have you shelling out more bucks. This is because of its brilliance. It is one of the most reflective cuts. And because it takes a lot of work to cut the stone to such brilliance and a lot of material is lost in the process, this one becomes super expensive.

Thus it is the most expensive diamond cut types. Although they have a high price, round cut diamonds are highly in demand compared to fancy cuts. The price is justified by the sheer brilliance and radiance it exudes. It’s a crowd-pleaser every time.

What makes the Princess cut best for single diamond stud earring?

what cut of a diamond is the most expensive
Princess cut
Source: Tiffany

As it sounds, this is one of the most popular choices. It is a beautiful square shape and not as expensive. It has the brilliance close to the round cut, but the sharp corners give it a nice twist.

Princess cut diamonds have a relatively lower price per carat compared to round cut diamonds.
Few princesses cut diamonds also come in a rectangular shape. Princess cut looks modern and goes well with various ring settings and petite diamond studs.

Princess cut diamonds are cost-effective as about 80% of the diamond stone is used to create the whole cut.

Are you an Oval round-cut diamond kinda person?

brilliant cut diamonds more expensive
Oval round-cut diamond
Source : Rox

Oval diamonds provide excellent brilliance and durability. They appear larger than round cut diamonds as they have an elongated shape.

Oval cut diamonds are considered to be a mix of round brilliant and pear shaped cutting styles.
The oval-shaped cut doesn’t allow light to reflect as much as it does in a round brilliant cut. This shape has fewer takers and only connoisseurs prefer it. Hence, oval shape diamonds are budget-friendly too.

An oval cut diamond ring can buy you more carat for the same price. Thus you can flaunt a bigger and heavier stone at a lower price.
Oval cut diamonds are usually larger than round cut diamonds.

Who doesn’t like the Radiant cut?

most expensive diamond cut order
Radiant Cut
Source: International Gem Society

Radiant cut diamond is usually a square or rectangular shape diamond. They have slightly cropped corners for a softer look. It has over 50-70 facets giving it a brilliant sparkle.

A perfectly cut radiant cut diamond exuberates high reflection and refraction. What does that mean? It shines brighter in the light.

The radiant cut diamonds can be said to be the least expensive. But they are pricier than emerald-cut diamonds.

Is an Emerald cut diamond good for small diamond stud earrings?

diamond most expensive cut
Emerald cut diamond
Source: JD

We have been saying the emerald cut is the least expensive. Don’t let that play it down for you. The emerald cut is a beautiful rectangular-cut diamond. It has the classic bevelled corners and step-cut facets. The underside of an emerald cut diamond is called the pavilion and has layers, called steps which run parallel to the girdle.

The emerald cut is quite different from all the other cuts. It has layers, and although it isn’t as reflective, they have a certain vintage charm to it. It also looks stunning when set in pure yellow gold on dainty stud earrings for kids!

Since the emerald cut ring is flat and has lesser serrations, imperfections are easily visible. Because there is very little loss in cutting, this one is the least expensive diamond cuts.

Emeralds cut diamonds are a rare and distinctive choice. Thereby they are worn by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Beyonce to stand out.

The fancy Cushion cut for diamond stud earrings for men

what is the most expensive diamond shape
Fancy cushion cut
Source: Joancee

Over the years, the cushion cut diamond shape has become the fancy of many a celebrity. They have been rocked by Molly Sims, Giuliana Rancic, and Ivanka Trump and many others who love this adorable cut.

Also known as the pillow shape, this cut features rounded corners with larger facets. This diamond cut displays impeccable brilliance and clarity. For the same reason, it one of the most expensive diamond cuts.

It’s a symmetric cut and makes for a flattering earring for men. These aren’t too showy and suit men best.

Compared to round cut diamonds, the cushion cut is not an expensive one. But the shape is slowly but surely gaining popularity, thanks to celebrity hands chasing after it.

Are Asscher cut diamonds more expensive?

Which diamond shape is more expensive
Asscher cut
Source: Fascinating Diamonds

With an unusual name, The Asscher cut diamond was developed by Joseph Asscher. In the early 20th century, the Asscher cut diamond was born. It was a perfect blend of vintage and contemporary style. No doubt, this timeless cut is still immensely popular. It’s the perfect choice if you want something simple like a 1crt diamond stud earrings.

Asscher cut displays large step facets and a high crown that emits sheer brilliance. The cut is often referred to as having endless hallways with reflecting mirrors. How poetic is that!

Say it with a Heart shape diamond

diamond cuts
Heart Shape Diamond
Source: JD

Heart shape diamond serves as a stunning alternative to round cut diamonds. Being a symbol of love, the heart shape cut is a popular choice for engagement rings. It has to be the fanciest shape in diamonds. Also, the symbol of love has to take the heart shape sometime.

The heart shape cut radiates stunning brilliance. As a rule, buying less than 0.50 carat in the heart shape isn’t preferred. In a heart shape cut diamond, watch out for the two halves of the heart to be symmetrical.

Hence, always opt for heart-shaped diamonds that are larger in carat. This makes the curves of the heart shape are fully visible. Can you guess what its the best choice for? Yes, it’s best for solitaire or one diamond stud earrings.

Also, the larger the carat, the higher the price you will have to pay. But the cut isn’t very expensive, so you can compensate for it on the carats. Heart shape diamonds can also be worn as pendants and as a pair of diamond studs.

Vintage vibe with the Marquise cut

This is a more vintage cut featuring 58 facets and an elliptical shape with pointed ends. The marquise cut is also known as a football shape cut or boat-shaped cut.

The marquise diamond is elongated in shape. It makes the fingers of the wearer look longer and slender.
The symmetry of the marquise cut diamond is important. The two endpoints of the cut should align with each other.

In terms of price and popularity, the round cut diamond continues to be the favourite. However, other diamond shapes such as princess cut, emerald cut, and others also have takers int heir own realm. They make an ideal choice for a shiny diamond at a better price.

People also opt for vintage and fancy diamond shapes that are often made famous by celebrities and trends.

Are Brilliant-cut diamonds more expensive?

brilliant cut diamond
Brilliant cut diamond
Source: The Jewellery Editor

Brilliant cut refers to a specific type of cut that has numerous facets. These reflect white light particularly well. The Round Brilliant Cut is very famous for its unnatural reflection and brilliance. The round brilliant has 58 facets and has a cone-like shape which reflects light optimally.

The round brilliant cut is therefore priced high for its brilliance and material lost when cutting the high number of facets. It is one of the most expensive cuts to indulge in.

But at the same time, it is a popular choice for many a  diamond stud earrings designs.

How to buy a diamond?

Time needed: 5 minutes

Wondering what are the steps you need to keep in mind before buying a diamond? Don’t worry! We have a step by step guide for you.

  1. Fix a budget

    Start by fixing your budget. Since there are too many choices, the budget can really narrow down your playground.

  2. Finalise the piece of jewellery you wish to buy

    Decide on what piece of jewellery you wish to buy. If they are necklaces, you can go for more number of diamonds than bigger diamonds itself if it’s a ring, its best to go the other way round.

  3. Get into the details

    Know your cut, colour and clarity. Talk to the jeweller about the latest cuts and why they are trending. Don’t hesitate to ask for your favourite cut. The right diamond may be hiding in plain sight.

  4. Try it on for fit

    Try. And try again. I can’t stress enough how important this is. Diamonds are all about beauty and grace. Try it on for fit and make sure that you love it before you swipe the card.

  5. Check well before buying

    Watch out for poorly cut and defected diamonds. Check well before you buy one.

  6. Be careful of the metal used

    Also, be careful of what metal the diamond is encrusted on. White diamonds in round cut look stunning on a white gold setting, whereas emerald cut diamonds are more becoming alongside yellow gold!


Choosing the right diamond shape can be really tricky. You need to find the balance between what you like, the cut and the price. Along with cut, colour and clarity are also key. If you want something truly unique, a yellow or pink diamond can be a good choice. They are extremely rare and can be a great eye-catcher.

Of course, try it on repeatedly before making this huge investment. After all the look matters for jewellery. As different diamond shapes offer unique fire and brilliance, it’s imperative to take your partner along when choosing for her.



Round brilliant diamond cut is the most expensive diamond cut.


Radiant cut shaped diamond


The heart shape of the diamond is the most expensive


Round cut diamond is the most expensive diamond cuts followed by Oval, Marquise, Asscher, Princess and Emerald cuts

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