Cubic zirconia

Planning to buy Cubic Zirconia? But do you know, how to take care of Cubic Zirconia jewelry?

Cubic zirconia engagement rings or cubic zirconia jewellery are popular among those who are looking for a diamond substitute. The rings are just as beautiful as diamonds. However, these are much more affordable than real diamonds.

What is a Cubic Zirconia Diamond?

What is a Cubic Zirconia Diamond
What is a Cubic Zirconia Diamond?

Cubic Zirconia is a man-made diamond-look alike stone, which is made from high-purity zirconium oxide powders. These days, customers look for a combination of affordability, quality, and style to achieve maximum profitability. However, many customers don’t know how to take care of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry?

Earlier, Cubic Zirconia was primarily used in making costume jewellery. However, things are now entirely different from what they were a few years back. Thanks to the advancement in technology.  The new high-end technologies, which are at par with diamond cutting techniques aid manufacturers in realistic cutting and crafting.

This, in turn, helps to improve a gemstone quality. Thus, it is easier to set many of these in high-quality solid gold or platinum settings. This process of producing Cubic Zirconia makes them virtually identical to mined diamonds.

Cubic Zirconia jewellery strikes the perfect chord for being a budget-friendly ornament option. This is because it falls somewhere in between expensive gemstone jewellery and affordable costume jewellery.

That might sound fine in the beginning. But it isn’t going to fit in if you’re heading out for a big event. Cubic Zirconia jewellery gets dirty faster than natural diamonds since they are not as hard as the latter. Thus, they need careful and frequent cleaning.

How to take care of Cubic Zirconia

How to take care of Cubic Zirconia
How to take care of Cubic Zirconia?

Nowadays, increased reliance on Cubic Zirconia engagement rings has become a true alternative to real diamonds. As such, focus on their care and cleaning is in demand. Even with the increased availability of high-end technologies, this stone still requires different care techniques compared with the mined diamond.

So, while planning to invest in Cubic Zirconia, consider their maintenance as your top priority. You must take care of them in a way to protect both the jewels and the settings. If not treated with proper care, Cubic Zirconia can scratch, chip or lose its lustre over the years.

Following tips will help you to know more about Cubic Zirconia and tips for its maintenance:

Cubic Zirconia Jewellery

Cubic Zirconia Jewellery
Cubic Zirconia Jewellery

1. You should take off your Cubic Zirconia stones while doing routine activities, such as gardening, laundry, cleaning, and bathing. It is good to wear them with caution to avoid damage.

2. Using soaps and chemicals will leave filmy residues on these stones. This, in turn, will make them look dull.

3. Avoid using lotion, hairspray, make-up, powders and cleaning agents while you are wearing Cubic Zirconia jewelry. Chlorine and other chemicals present in the swimming pool can severely damage your cubic zirconia jewelry piece. Hence, remove your sterling Cubic Zirconia jewelry before you dive in water. Taking off your Cubic Zirconia jewelry before exercising is a good idea since perspiration can dull the jewels.

4. Use a clean, soft brush dipped in hot soapy water to remove dirt particles from Cubic Zirconia jewelry.

5. Rinse the jewelry piece in warm water and pat it dry with a soft, clean cloth. This process restores Cubic Zirconia jewelry to its natural shine and clarity. Don’t ever use tissues to wash or dry jewelry pieces. Cleaning should be done on a regular basis to maintain and ensure the stone’s maximum appeal.

How to take care of Cubic Zirconia jewelry – Some More Tips

best ways to clean Cubic Zirconia
best ways to clean Cubic Zirconia

6. One of the best ways to clean Cubic Zirconia settings is by using soft cotton polishing cloths. Rub the setting lightly to get rid of the oil and accumulated dirt to bring back its shine. This method is fast, inexpensive and works great.

7. Before you try using any kind of commercial cleaning solution, do carefully and thoroughly read the instructions and ingredient labels. While they can do the same job as the soap and water technique, they’re not always good for certain gems.  They can possibly ruin the finishing of your stone if they don’t suit it.

8. All-Natural Liquid Jewellery Cleaner is a good and safe option. It is ideal for those who want to use something that is non-toxic, chemical-free and can clean almost any type of jewelry, including Cubic Zirconia stones.

9. once you clean you CZ ring, store it in a jewelry box in order to keep it clean for a longer time. Don’t stack jewels on top of one another. Also, make sure the box’s lining is soft and protective, so as to avoid scuffing or scratching.

10. Store each piece of fashion jewelry in a flannel bag. You can also wrap each piece separately in flannel or soft fabric. This ensures that CZ rings or other such delicate rings remain sparkling for longer.

To protect fashion jewelry items, such as CZ jewelry pieces from damage, apply lotion, hairspray, perfume, makeup or any other cosmetics before putting on your jewelry.

Don’t Forget to Seek Professional Assistance…

Seek Professional Assistance for Cubic Zirconia
Seek Professional Assistance for Cubic Zirconia

If you are unable to remove that persistent spot of dirt off your CZ jewelry, take it to a jeweler for a high-pressure steam cleaning. In the past few years, steam cleaning has become a byword for being a popular method.

However, the steam can liquefy the pollutants hiding in a Cubic Zirconia ring’s crevices; it can ruin the softer gemstones because of the heat it generates.

It’s always a good idea to seek professional help for maintenance issues, such as loose stones, rather than trying to fix it on your own.

How to take care of cubic zirconia jewelry – Using Ultrasonic Cleaners

cubic zirconia
cubic zirconia

nowadays, using ultrasonic cleaners is quite a trend. Many jewelers use this technique to clean jewelry pieces. There is a water reservoir that holds the jewelry piece and bombards it with ultrasonic waves to loosen the trapped debris and accumulated dirt particles.

This method fits apt for standard Cubic Zirconia pieces. However, it can ruin the metals and softer gems. Therefore, you need to have an idea of each material before you go for any cleaning method. Be careful to inform the jeweler about your gemstones before service and cleaning.


With proper care and attention, a Cubic Zirconia ring can last a lifetime. Given extra care and effort and proper handling, your brilliant CZ stone will retain its smoothness and lustre for a long, long time to come. A clean and well-cared CZ ring will make you feel revered like the brilliant, treasured jewel you are.

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