Diamonds might be the toughest and hardest stone on the earth, but protecting any type of jewelry when moving or traveling is a very stressful thing, to understand read on to know how to pack diamond for a move. Whether you have a couple of pieces of special jewelry or lots of costume jewelry, you’ll want to pack it safely and properly.

Let’s take a look at these methods for packing jewelry to ensure that our precious jewelry pieces arrive at our destination in good shape and color

Tips and tricks to pack jewelry for moving

Well, It is highly recommendable keeping your most precious jewelry with you for safekeeping as you start heading towards your new destination. It keeps you stress-free and refrains yours from being worried about it. though stylish or stone studded costume pieces can be packed and moved with the other household materials.

Here is a compilation of all the tricks used for packing and arranging your jewelry safely:

The Goals:

1. Keep necklaces from tangling.

2. Keep earrings pairs together.

3. Prevent any pieces from bending, chipping, breaking, or otherwise suffering damage.

4. Don’t lose anything.

5. Retain sanity.

● Keep your valuable or meaningful pieces with yourself and pack diamond for a move in travel. These types of travel jewelry cases have lots of small compartments to keep pieces separately, which makes packing jewelry for travel so comfortably.

● A daily small pill case can also be used as a travel jewelry organizer for preserving small pieces like earrings or rings safely. This is especially helpful if you’re planning to take your jewelry with you on a trip. It will help you easily coordinate your jewelry day by day!

● To keep necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled, thread them through a straw. Simply thread the jewelry through and clasp it, trimming the straw to the length you need if necessary. For the jewelry that has chunkier pieces, thread them through a paper towel roll to keep them separate. Wrap each piece in tissue for added protection.

● To pack several random pieces of jewelry at one go, take a sheet of re-sealable kitchen wrap and place your jewelry on half of the sheet. Fold the wrap over and press around your items to keep them separate. Place individual earrings through buttons to keep the pairs together.

● Another way to pack earrings is to thread them through a small sheet of foam. Tape over the earring backs on the back of the foam sheet to keep them from slipping.

● One other easy idea to pack jewelry of any kind is to wrap each piece in a sheet of packing paper, tissue paper, or plastic zippered bag. You can then put the pieces back into your jewelry box, wrap your jewelry box entirely in packing paper, and pack it in a moving box.

● If you have a standing jewelry wardrobe, there are a few options: follow the previous tips for how to pack jewelry pieces individually and pack them in a properly padded box on their own, or wrap each piece in tissue paper as mentioned above and place them back in the wardrobe. Then wrap it in padded packing paper or a moving blanket as it is done with any other piece of furniture.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind while shifting:

How to pack your Diamond shipment securely and safely?

Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to promote secure domestic shipping of your diamonds rests entirely in your hands and depends on how well you package your shipment. Here are some tips to keep in mind to decrease the likelihood of your shipment being damaged or stolen in transit.

Packaging Tip #1

Use blank shipping boxes that has nothing written on it, including a smaller box which will hold your diamonds, and a strong, larger box under which you’ll pack the smaller box. Packaging a diamond can be tough these tips will help you to understand how to pack diamond for a move.

Never ship diamonds in an envelope or folder, as these are machine processed which can damage or expose any packages that aren’t entirely flat. Your precious diamonds might get stolen or destroyed.

Make sure the boxes do not display any words that are associated with any kind of jewelry and also avoid noting that the package is being sent from or shipped to a jewelry-related business.

Packaging Tip #2

Secure with the help of sellotape or glue the smaller box containing your diamonds to the inside of the larger box to prevent it from moving or rattling during shipping.

The smaller box should have the sender and recipient contact details in case the outer box gets damaged during delivery. Fill the remainder of the larger box with packing material to further protect your package.

Packaging Tip #3

• Do not pack valuable jewelry in boxes and do not put your jewelry into storage. It can get lost with other items or get stolen.

• If you’re moving locally, keep valuable items in a safety deposit box at a bank until you’re settled in and ready to have them back. If you’re planning to move a long distance, keep your precious, valuable jewelry with you at all times.

• Don’t wear jewelry while you are packing, unpacking or doing the heavy lifting. You may damage, bend or scratch precious metals, or your valuable stones.

• Keep track of your items. Take a picture of each piece and create a detailed list of the items. Be sure to write a description for each piece and include serial numbers for items that have them.

All in all, You will be glad about the way you came up to pack jewelry for a move. It surely would not be the quickest task to perform, but it will get your job done and your pretties will be kept safe and secured. You would not have to fret over it anymore.

Try these hassle-free tricks and tips to pack your diamond for a move safely. After all, your hard-earned diamonds are your most precious possession and the last thing in the world you would want is to lose them.”Diamonds are indeed a woman’s best friend”.

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