It is the monsoon time, a time when nature in all her million moods pours down to fill the minds and hearts of her offspring a time when new buds sprout everywhere relishing the many boons of heavens. People cheerfully partake in this carnival of nature, which for them is a welcome change after the long and sultry summer days. It is hard to confine oneself inside the four walls of a room during this season.
The sporadic sunny interludes with a charming rainbow add to the beauty of this wonderful season. But the monsoon rains are not a good sign for our jewellery ornaments. The moisture levels and humidity post the rains can affect the metal alloy used in jewelry and spoil their charm and longevity read further to know to take care tips of your jewellery in monsoon.

However, we have a few simplest ways to keep your jewellery safe against weather odds. These are here:

Tips to care for a diamond, Sapphire jewellery:

If it is diamond, sapphire, ruby or cubic Zirconia, just relax and forget to take care of your jewels as these stunning jewels do not need much care. Whenever you feel them dirty, get them clean-rinsing in mild soapy water.

Gold and platinum:

Gold and platinum are regarded as neutral metals that mean less care, less worry and lots of happiness. However gold jewellery is resistant to be oxidized but it catches dirt quickly when it is kept in humidity. Apply warm soapy water and get it clean.


Silver tends to turn black and in monsoon, it needs more care to stop corrosion. To clean your silver jewellery, either wash it using toothpaste and a soft cotton cloth or alternatively take it to a jeweler for “silver dip” to keep it shiny. Avoid wearing delicate jewellery in the rain. If you can’t, due to some attending some urgent event then make sure you dry them thoroughly before keeping them back in the jewellery boxes.

Organic jewels:

When it comes to organic jewels such as pearls, coral or amber, then it is better to keep them in a separate box. Remember not to mix them with other gemstones as scratches are inevitable and more likely to happen. Because of their organic nature, gemstones need proper attention and care. Since pearls are delicate, their direct contact with perfumes and sprays might harm them or permanently harm them. If you don’t take adequate precautions in storing them, they are likely to develop nicks and scratches easily. So, put pearls in soft pouches or plastic wrappers after you have used them in order to protect them from possible frictions. Cleaning your jewels regularly is a part of jewelry care tips as that will help retain their sparkle for a longer period.

Some extra caring tips:

1. One of the essential care tips of your jewelry in monsoon, cleaning ornaments during monsoons is if you are a cautious wearer, then try and avoid wearing delicate jewellery in the rainy season. If you still can’t resist wearing jewellery due to the functions and invitations you have to attend, then make sure to dry them thoroughly before you keep them back in the jewellery boxes. Moisture in the air ends up hurting the metals. So, jewellery care means you should keep and store your precious jewels in airtight containers. Keep silica pouches in the containers so that they can absorb excess humidity. This technique gives less oxygen for the metal to react. Today, there are branded airtight containers and also zip-lock bags wherein you can fold and place your ornaments to keep them from being broken off. This also helps you keep your ornaments in a vacuum environment. Plus, such kinds of jewellery storage boxes are ideal inputting your precious jewellery.

When you have a jewelry box with a soft interior and hard exterior, then half your job of how to protect jewellery in the rainy season is taken care of. A strong and sturdy jewellery box always provides enough protection to your prized ornaments. The role of a sturdy exterior is to shield against the outer pressure, while a soft interior saves the jewels from being scratched and retaining their original luster.

2. Monsoons also bring with high humidity, the temptation to spray perfumes are high. But bear in mind that they may harm your precious gems. If you are partial to fine jewellery embellished with diamonds and other precious stones, be very careful when you spray fragrance or hairspray. Take extra care of your jewellery while cleaning.

3. During monsoon season, jewellery items are more prone to turn darker in color. So, to avoid that, wash your jewellery in warm water and dry it with clean cotton.

4. Try to keep separate jewelry holders to know to care with tips of your jewelry in a monsoon.for each jewellery type avoid common storage of silver, gold, diamond, and pearl in the same container or zip-lock bags can make you cry. There are chances of getting scratched if they rub each other. Silver jewellery can also get tarnished like other gold and copper. Keeping them in one place can also increase the chances of entanglement which can later result in too much annoying hassle. You can use different zip-lock bags as you can fold and place them amid your clothing items inside the closet to keep rings from being broken off and necklaces.

Thus, monsoon is a season of happiness and freshness that fills our body with vivacious energy. But monsoon is the season during which even your jewellery needs more attention, apart from your health. The monsoon has a lot to offer, but the season might turn out to be a little tricky for your jewellery. Keep it dry and use the right products to clean it. But, ultimately it doesn’t matter how you choose to protect your jewellery, it is essential that you regularly check your sparkling pieces to pick up on signs of scratches and damage early on. So that it always reflects a new shine and brilliance that would make it always perfect for ready to wear.

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