When beauty meets perfection, you get a precious stone. From a piece of stone to the remarkable collection of precious stones, diamonds remain the example of eternal beauty. Diamonds are the hardest substance, is a known fact. But then when polished and evoked through the right hands, you will witness the best of nature in its pure form. The classic and richness of these stones can never be unseen by any mankind who is in love with jewelry.

It’s really interesting and mesmerizing to know that there are several diamond variations available now. Concerning the fact that pure form remains only one, but then craftsmen have evolved many forms of diamonds. Measurement of their value is in the descending order of their purity and quality.

And remember, whatever variant it is, a diamond is always a diamond. Owning a diamond is a luxury of all time. The processing of the diamonds from their mines is a complex process and also, they take over billions of years to form inside the Earth.

Despite these complex natural processes, diamonds now made inside a laboratory too! Yes, with the help of joining chemical formulas under the artificial atmosphere, the creation of synthetic diamonds is much easier.

Now, let’s know what these synthetic diamonds are.

Synthetic Diamonds – What is a synthetic diamond?

The very lab-grown or lab-created diamonds entered the market in the late 1990s. Similar to the natural diamonds, the synthetic diamonds also contain pure carbon which crystallizes in an isotropic 3D form. The growth of the synthetic diamonds inside the laboratory is using the CVD (chemical vapour deposition) diamond and HPHT (high-pressure high-temperature) diamond processes. Also, they have similar properties like hardness, thermal conductivity and electron mobility.

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Unlike the mined diamonds, these lab-grown synthetic diamonds need a few days for developing and ensure the same look-alike properties of the natural diamonds. The HPHT production method uses enormous amounts of energy; on the other hand, CVD processing takes weeks to create diamonds.

Do you know why these synthetic diamonds are produced in the marker? The primary reason for the production of synthetic diamonds are due to the high price of real diamonds. The synthetic diamonds have 30% lesser cost value than the mined diamonds. This makes it available for accessible merchandise and also ensures the limited natural resource to stay intact inside the Earth.

Now, you will question yourself what to choose between the synthetic diamonds and the mined. Let’s find the pros and cons of them and figure out what will be helpful.

Mined or Synthetic diamond jewelry – Which one to choose?

People find it challenging to indulge themselves in the new technology of synthetic diamonds. For every individual, diamonds have always been a precious stone which is very expensive. And most of the renowned diamond sellers insist on checking the purity of the diamonds before selling them to their customers.

There are plenty of machines which help us to differentiate between the two. But then, when you are looking for an alternative for mined diamonds, which is the best? The ones which are more likely to be similar and give you the same satisfaction of owning a piece of diamond jewelry, synthetic diamonds are the ones.

We will find more exciting differences and facts about these two diamond forms which can be confusing to the customers.

When we list the history of the established diamond merchants, we conclude that continuous mining has resulted in the depletion of the diamond mines.

“A diamond is forever,” says the tagline of a famous diamond manufacturing company. To keep the diamonds forever, we need to switch to some alternatives sooner to stop the complete exhaustion of the natural resource.

In this scenario, one should be aware of mined diamonds from synthetic diamonds from that of the fake ones. There are great chances of manipulating the customers in the name of synthetic diamonds.

Are synthetic diamonds less expensive?

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As mentioned above, synthetic diamonds are almost 30% lesser in cost than the real ones. It’s noted that the price of the synthetic diamonds is based on their size, color and the clarity. These synthetic diamonds are 20-40% lesser than the mined diamonds. The D-F colored synthetic diamonds are the rare yet least expensive than the mined ones.

It’s good to hear that most of the popular diamond manufacturing companies are promising to provide affordable lab-grown diamonds.

Identifying a synthetic diamond

The only authentic method to identify a synthetic diamond is through specialized equipment. This machine helps us to differentiate between the synthetic diamonds and the mined diamonds. The fake ones can be differentiated too.

Apart from the technical aspects, we can check the certificate from GIA. Every single diamond piece used in a jewelry has it’s own GIA certificate. This indicates the grading report for the same. The certification for identifying the quality of the synthetic diamonds are grading reports from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

Synthetic diamond Rings

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The exclusive collection of diamonds ranges from size to shapes in every jewelry. Now it’s easier to find jewelers who sell synthetic diamond jewelry too.

One such unavoidable ornament is a ring. Everybody finds it classy and fancy to have a diamond ring. Interestingly, people choose the diamonds for their engagement rings. With the synthetic diamond rings, you can get quite a bigger and shiner diamond. These are quite affordable than the Earth-mined. Moreover, you are not making any compromise on the quality and value of the diamonds as well.

There are jewelers which provide exclusive collections of just synthetic diamond rings. And we can customize them on our own. Interestingly, lab-grown diamonds known to be the synthetic diamonds are popular among the people also.

Synthetic diamond jewelry

When it comes to heavy pieces of diamond jewelry, the prices don’t fall in place. Like every common man, you invest in a small piece of diamond and make yourself comfortable with the owning of diamond jewelry.

But when you can afford bigger diamonds at a lesser value, why do you need to compromise? The manufacturing of the synthetic diamond jewelry is using high-quality synthetic diamonds. These are considerably more prominent than the mined diamonds. You can choose your synthetic diamond jewelry using the shape, color and the size of the diamonds.

We are benefited to live in an era where nothing is irreplaceable. The technology has developed to the extent that we can recreate everything with better quality and value for money.

Where to buy synthetic diamonds?

We have mentioned all the qualities and benefits of the synthetic diamonds available. Are you wondering where to find these? There is nothing to worry about. All the worldwide diamond merchants and various diamond manufacturing units produce these good quality synthetic diamonds. These resemble the originally mined diamonds yet can be less expensive. We can find both physical and online stores that focus majorly on the selling of synthetic diamonds where we can personalize our designs.

Now you have a concrete picture and understanding of the synthetic diamonds. We should know that the synthetic diamonds are the upcoming masters in the industry. Start exploring the new dimension for the diamond jewelry. Have a happy experience with your synthetic diamond.

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What is a synthetic diamond?

The synthetic diamonds are the artificially made diamonds which are lab-grown by scientists and researchers in high pressure and high-temperature environments.

Where to buy synthetic diamonds?

Most of the diamond manufacturing companies have started producing their in-house units where they produce synthetic diamonds in their laboratories. Thus, anyone can access these diamonds from any of their stores.

How to differentiate between synthetic diamond vs real diamond?

Synthetic diamonds are almost impossible to differentiate from the mined diamond with the help of naked eyes. But we can distinguish them using the specialised equipment designed for the same. Also, synthetic diamonds or the lab-grown diamonds come with the GEM certification.

Does the synthetic diamond get cloudy overtime?

No. The synthetic diamonds have similar physical and chemical properties as that of the natural diamonds, which makes them durable.

Does the synthetic diamond make a good investment?

For the customers looking for alternatives for mined diamonds at a lesser cost, these synthetic diamonds are of the right choice. But we should also remember that the resale value of these may or may not vary with time as they are not real gemstones.

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