Wondering how to buy office wear jewellery online? Read on to get the best buying tips.

Wearing Jewellery has always been a tradition both in ancient and modern times. No matter what the occasion is, wearing jewellery has been a choice for people. However, it’s the mediums of shopping that have changed. While earlier jewellery lovers jumped from store to store to buy a unique piece, these days they prefer buying it online. With the boom in digital tech, it is not a big deal to buy jewellery online now. And when it comes to jewellery, how could we miss office wear jewellery

Despite many apprehensions, buying an office wearing jewellery online is as easy as buying other things. Just a few things to consider and you can buy your favourite jewellery on the fly. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at shopping tips for office wear jewellery.

Tips to buy office wear jewellery online in India

Picking out a big-ticket piece of office wearing jewellery online? Check out our tips to reduce your risk of bungling it.

Set a Realistic Budget

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What’s the point of choosing a jewellery budget that you find hard to pay for? There’s no limit to office wear fashion jewellery – you can find a wide variety at a huge array of price points. But before you lose your heart at a stunning piece and feel disheartened seeing the price tag, decide your budget. 

Buy According to Your Profession

Choosing the right workwear jewellery depends entirely on your profession. If you are a corporate employee, you should buy a formal office wear jewellery that is small. However, if you are a teacher or a doctor, buying jewellery that is little informal and big will also work.

Know the Right Size – How to wear office wear jewellery

Buying jewellery online is a bit different than buying it physically. Hence, it is a good idea to be sure of the size, material and other specifications before you place an order online. Else, you’d end up in a loop of exchanges. 

Consider your Office Culture 

Your office environment is another factor when it comes to choosing the right jewellery style. Look around and see how other employees dress and wear jewellery. If wearing minimal jewellery is common, then you also may also go for minimalistic baubles. But if they for a casual look, then follow the trend. 

Choose Wedding Jewellery that Matches Officewear

If you are getting married soon, then buy wedding jewellery that also works well with all your office wear. For example, you can buy a wedding necklace (Mangal Sutra) that is minimal. Moreover, you can buy other common wedding jewellery like rings and bangles with delicate styles that look decent. For example, you can buy sleek bangles made with delicate designs in silver and gold. This way you would be able to maintain a balance between tradition and profession. 

Less is More – Formal office wear jewellery

It is always a great idea to keep a minimal style when it comes to office wear jewellery. So, buy simple chains, solitaires, or small stud earrings to wear daily. Besides, you can also go for rings and chain bracelets with delicate designs. 

Different Materials – Choosing office wear fashion jewellery

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Be explorative and invest in buying different jewellery types. Enhance your scope of jewellery material. Try picking silver and gold jewellery or platinum jewellery. Precious and semi-precious stones are also great options. Silver jewellery and semi-precious stones could be easily bought without taking a toll on your pocket.

Choose One Statement Piece

Wearing a lot of statement pieces at the workplace won’t look any good. Try to maintain balance. Wearing one wide and stylish bracelet, or one big ring or one statement necklace will be enough. For example, you can wear a stylish bracelet with long earrings. For office parties, you can wear a bold neckpiece with small ear studs.  

Be Practical

A major consideration when choosing your office wear jewellery is your work. You cannot wear ornaments that hamper your work and movement. Wearing bangles if you are doing a desk job won’t let you focus. It’s simple; Be practical. Also, keep your personal touch intact when choosing an office wear jewellery. Hence, pick simple delicate jewellery to create a sophisticated office look.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Office Wear Jewellery

Let’s face it, no outfit is complete without jewellery. It enhances your look. It can upgrade your look from good to amazing instantly. However, let’s be honest. It’s not as easy as it seems. 

So, this is where Fabulously comes in. Here are some pointers to help you slay your workwear looks and in style!

Don’t Go Plain

Do not under- embellish as it can borderline drab your entire look. You can either wear statement pieces or layer your office wear jewellery to make it look interesting.

Don’t Overload

Blinding sparkles are too much; even worse than too many jewels. Hence, we’d suggest you to restrain! Do not over glitter or over adorn. Do not just drown in them or you will end up losing your personality. Hence, do not overkill. 

Do mix and match

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Jewellery is all about details. While it is a good idea to keep office jewellery to an optimal number, you can still experiment with different pieces. Be versatile in your jewellery if you want to add to your outfit. Try to bring out different elements. For example, you can mix different metals or add coloured accents to a focal piece.  

Don’t roam around with jingles

How would you feel if somebody around you constantly produced clinking sounds? You’ll get annoyed, right? Hence, void wearing dangling earrings or jangling bangles that sway way out of the way. Such jewellery options are a complete no-no in the office environment. These won’t just distract you but annoy your colleagues, too. Just remember, you want all the attention to be on you and not on your noisy jewellery.

Do matching with your outfit

Remember that your outfit and your office wear jewellery must come together. So, keep a check on what you ‘re putting on. Avoid making you look plain or empty in certain areas or too vibrant or busy in others. If you are wearing a collared shirt, for example, avoid wearing those long earrings as it can tend to make your neck look extravagant.  

Do not miss out the Seasons

It is worth remembering that your jewellery needs to be in tune with the seasons as well. You can bring out delicate pearls or rose gold jewellery for winter, light gold, coloured stones and diamond pieces for intense summers and wear floral motifs for spring.

Don’t carry inconvenience all over

Style and looks are one thing but productivity and focus are crucial when it comes to the workplace lifestyle. You don’t want to lose your focus at work at all. Hence, choose to wear office jewellery that makes you comfortable. Whether it’s your ring that hinders your typing or intricate detailing in your bracelets that get entangled with your sleeve, keep them at bay.


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There are millions of websites on the internet today that offer a variety of office wear jewellery. Take enough time to research the type of workwear you need and buy the one keeping all the above points in mind. 

Feel free to share your office wear buying experience with our audience. You can also suggest some tips in the comments below. And for more such interesting reads, keep reading Fabulously.

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