Almost every human is fond of fashion. But what if a fashionable ring gets stuck in your finger and starts to trouble you? Want to know how to remove ring from the finger? Well, read on.

The process of ring removal is quite easy. We’ll discuss all the probable solutions to your problem.


People have a love for rings. Who would not want to flaunt a fashionable ring? It is one of the most worn accessories in the world of jewellery. But fashionable things are sometimes difficult to handle. What if the ring gets stuck in your finger?

You might panic a bit. But no need to worry. All problems have solutions. We shall discuss easy methods for removing a ring from fingers. But first, let’s learn the probable causes of this kind of problem.

How to remove a stuck ring from a swollen finger

how to remove tight ring
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Thinking about how to remove ring from finger?

First, let’s see some reasons behind a stuck ring.

  • Pregnancy can be one of the reasons. During that period, fingers get swollen and it becomes difficult for the ring to slide off the finger.
  • Weight gain can be another reason.
  • A stuck ring can also be the result of wearing a ring that is too small.
  • Maybe, your finger is swollen because of injury.

Simple remedies on how to remove a ring from the finger

The process of ring removal is easy. Let’s discuss how to remove a ring from finger.

Time needed: 7 minutes

How to remove a ring from finger

  1. Reduce the swelling

    Try to reduce the swelling of your finger. This can be done with the help of tape, rubbing lotion or oil. Keep drinking enough water and reduce your salt intake. Try keeping your hands in an elevated position as it will help you to reduce the swelling.
    Soak your finger in cold water for approximately 15 minutes. This will immediately reduce the pain.

  2. Lubrication

    Add a little amount of lubricant for easy removal of the ring. It reduces the chances of swelling, cut, scratch or any other discomfort. Soapy water is a great lubricating agent and it moisturises the skin. After applying it, gently remove both the sides of the ring in a rolling pattern.
    You might face a little difficulty, but you’ll be able to remove it after some effort. You can also use petroleum jelly or hand lotion of any kind of oil for the process.

  3. Glass cleaner

    Glass cleaners are also helpful in case of stuck rings. They have many benefits. Spray some amount of it all over the finger before trying to get the ring off. They reduce the risk of having any cuts, scratches or injuries.

  4. Use tape

    A tape can come to your rescue too while dealing with a stuck ring in your finger. Just wrap a piece of it under the ring and leave it for about 30 minutes.
    Now, soak your hands in water for about 10 to 15 minutes and then take the tape off.
    Finally, pull and twist the ring to take it out in a circular manner.

How to remove a tight ring

Popular cold water method for removing ring from finger

Sometimes, dehydration also causes swollen joints. One of the reasons that our bodies retain water is that the brain is aware of having too little of it. So, it starts storing it up. This happens around fingers, knee and ankle joints. (Source)

As a result of the swelling around the finger, the ring gets stuck. But following the simple old water method, your problem can be solved. After keeping your hand elevated for some time, put in cold water. Iced water helps the blood vessels to constrict. It reduces the swelling instantly.

Some more tips for how to remove ring from finger

There are numerous ways to solve the problem of a stuck ring in your finger. Follow some of the tips below on how to remove ring from finger.

Slowly twist your ring

As the ring reaches the knuckle, press it against the knuckle and move it far up the joint on the inside. Now, pull the ring over the top of the finger. Ring sliding is easy.

You can also try rubbing butter all over your finger. The ring will come off your finger.

Compressing the finger

  • There’s one more way. Raise your arm so that all the excess fluid goes down back to the body. This will make your finger slimmer and it will be a lot easier to pull off the ring.
  • Grab an elastic band and wrap it tightly around the affected finger. Move towards the ring and try feeding the band through the ring. Once you’re done, start unwrapping the elastic band. This will help you to remove the ring as it will come out along with the band.
  • Try to remove the ring with less force. The best way is to remove it gently with a back and forth twist.
  • Relax a bit. Allow your hand to rest. Bend your finger lightly as you try to remove the ring.
  • You can also try an ice pack. Wrap it around and rest your hand above your shoulder. Allow the drain of excess fluid from your fingers. Try to remove your ring after lowering your hand.

How to Remove Ring from Fingers – The Elevation method

This method is probably the easiest method for ring removal. We shall discuss it in detail.

You simply have to keep your arm elevated for about 5 minutes. This will allow blood to rush out of your hand. Once you feel that your hand is falling asleep, lower your arm and take the ring off your finger.

How to remove a ring with dental floss

can we remove gemstone ring while sleeping
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You can also remove the ring from your finger by following a simple hack that involves dental floss. Here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Cut a piece of dental floss.

    It should be around one foot long.

  2. Your palm should be facing up.

    Next, you need to wrap one end of floss under the ring. Leave a small piece sticking through.

  3. Move in a circular motion and wind the floss down the length of your finger.

    Concentrate on the area around the knuckle. This will compress the swollen tissue and make way for the ring to move out.

  4. Hold the end of the dental floss through the last loop.

  5. Now, go back to the piece of floss near your palm.

    Begin to unwind. As you roll down your finger, the ring will start to move with it. You can slip it off easily. Just keep repeating the steps from wherever the ring is positioned. And, your problem is solved.

Ring Removal – As per the American society for surgery of hand

Follow these simple steps to get ring off your finger:

  • Apply some Windex on the finger and ring. You can also use lubricants like soap and oil.
  • Elevate the hand for 5 to 10 minutes with ice around the ring and finger.
  • Ring removal with thread is also possible. You can use a thread or dental floss to compress the swollen finger.

If every trick fails, cut the ring off with a finger cutter. You can find a ring cutter in jewellery stores, fire departments and emergency rooms.

Points to remember while removing the ring from finger

The process of removing a ring that is stuck to the finger checks your patience at times. But again, no need to panic! Just keep in mind the points mentioned below:

  • Do not try to remove the ring forcefully. It may change the shape of the ring and make your problem worse.
  • Consult a professional if you are suffering from pain and pressure.
  • Do not remove the ring if you have a fracture or any other problem in your finger.
  • If you experience loss of sensation during the ring removal process, stop immediately.Go straight to a professional.
  • In the case of discolouration, you should immediately see a doctor. Otherwise, your blood vessels and tissues can be damaged forever.

How to remove a very tight wedding ring – Ring Removal Tool

how to remove the tight ring from finger
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Don’t worry when some of the remedies fail. A ring rescue device is there for your help.

This new device was made for solving your problem. It helps in:

  • Reducing swelling
  • Reducing finger size

Such devices help in removing the stuck rings. Many hospitals and jewellery shops have this device.;

You can visit your jeweller too!

If all your home remedies fail, you can seek help from your jeweller. The jeweller uses wire cutters. The process is simple. The blade is placed between the ring and swollen finger and slides sideways. Once, placed properly, the jeweller will clip the ring with the wire cutters and it’s done. It may be a bit uncomfortable but your motive will be achieved and you’ll be relieved.

Urgent care or emergency department for ring removal

In the case of injured fingers, you need to seek medical help immediately. Don’t waste your time removing a ring from an injured finger. That should clearly be avoided.

The binding of the ring around the finger may trap the blood and cause damage to the finger.If the finger seems discoloured, you should straight away seek medical help.


how to remove a ring from the finger
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Rings act stubborn at times. Removing them may become challenging.

But you can fight any challenge that comes your way. It’s just about removing a ring from your finger. If you keep in mind the easy methods of ring removal mentioned earlier, then all your panic is useless.

How to remove ring from finger?

Go slow. Gently twist the ring in a rotating pattern till it slides off your finger.
Don’t apply too much pressure.

How to remove rings from fat fingers?

You can consider applying lubricants around your stuck ring. Use lubricants such as soap or different oils.

Can we remove a gemstone ring?

You wear a gemstone ring for important purposes. You should wear it every time. However, you can remove it while sleeping and bathing. This will protect it from damage.

How to remove scratches from gemstone ring?

You can use a simple home remedy for this. Take a glass of hot distilled water mixed with a mild soap. Soak the gemstone ring in it overnight. Gently brush the gemstone ring with a soft brush. This will give your ring a new look. But be careful. If you are not confident and the damage is more, please go to a jeweller. So, you can visit a jeweller also. He will polish the gemstone perfectly.

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