When organizing your earrings in various shapes and sizes, use these cool earring holders. These DIY’s will help to keep your dressing table clutter-free and make it easy for you to search for your dress when you are going to be late for a party or date. Read further to know how to make a homemade earring holder keep your earrings safe.

1. Using a box lid:

Take the box lid and wrap it with a colorful piece of wrapping paper. The paper under the wrapping paper, secure it properly. If the lid is small enough, you can use scrapbooking paper instead.

2. Cut a pair of white or black nylons 4 inches longer than your lid:

If the paper you are using is white in color, use white as the color of your nylons. If your paper is a dark color, use black nylons. Cut the nylons towards the top and this will ensure that they are wide enough for your lid. If you are able to locate nylons that are colored, make sure that you pick a color that matches your wrapping paper.

Method 1: For a fancier earring holder, use lacy nylons instead

– Place the lid inside the nylons.

– Fold the ends of the nylon to the back of the lid and secure them with hot glue.

– Take a piece of ribbon and cut it so that it matches the earring holder. Measure the width of the lid, then cut a piece of ribbon according to that measurement.

– Form a loop with the ribbon and glue the ends to the back of your earring holder. To make the loop more secure, tie the ends of the ribbon into a knot, then glue it down.

– Hang your earring holder.

Method 2: Using a plastic canvas

– Find a wooden frame and take out the backing and glass panel to make a homemade earring holder. You can discard the backing but save the glass panel. You will be using it to trace the plastic canvas. You can use a plain frame, or an ornate one.

– Paint the frame and let it dry. Use spray paint or acrylic paint. Depending on how dark your frame is, you may need two coats of paint. Make sure you allow the first layer to dry before adding the second one.

– Consider decorating the frame further, especially if it is a plain frame. You can leave your plain frame as it is, or you can decorate it further to make it more special. Glue some plastic gems or rhinestones along the frame. Make some designs on the frame using black, gold or silver permanent markers. Paint some bold designs on the frame, such as stripes, stars or hearts.

– Draw designs through marker to trace the glass panel onto a sheet of plastic canvas. Plastic canvas looks like a plastic mesh or screen. It is stiff and used to wave designs into yarn. Choose a color that matches your frame, or goes well with it.

– Cut the plastic canvas out Be sure to cut along the lines, or it may fall through your frame.

Here are some earring holder ideas that are cheap and easy:

1. DIY earring stud rack:

This stud earring rack would match pretty much any interior decor. This project is very straight forward.

2. Brass pyramid DIY earring holder:

This is used to accessorize shelves with this geometric brass structure.

3. Customizable earring storage board:

The next one is quite similar to the first DIY earring holder, but it is sized down to be perfect for your bathroom counter.

4. Upcycled birch box earring holder:

This has many options in terms of color and comes in many fun colors and designs.

5. Embroidery hoop DIY earring holder:

All that is required is a simple piece of lace and embroidery hoop.

6. IKEA Hack earring holder:

This is another super simple option. One needs a frame and a decorative piece of metal to fit inside. It will take less than 5 mins.

7. Framed DIY earring holder:

These earring holders can be painted any color and are cheap and easy to make.

8. Cork coaster stud earring holder:

You can punch a hole in these cork coasters and hang them with a ribbon. It is a great way to organize your earrings and store them under the sink for many easier options.

9. Boxed earring organizer:

This jewellery organizer box is perfect for rings and earrings. It is made out of a wood box and can have any pattern on it.

10. Wood earring organizer box:

This DIY jewellery box is a great option. Whether you want an earring organizer to hang on your wall.

11. DIY Earring stud holder:

Fabric covered foam hair rollers stuck to the bottom of a cardboard box allows you a quick and easy way to organize your studs. You can cut off the cardboard and attach a piece of glass to make it transparent.

12. Earring mesh holder:

A satin ribbon attached to the top of the embellished frame allows this earring display to hang.

13. Homemade earring holder design:

All your earrings can be held to a door screen held in place by a stylish picture frame.

14. Earring holder for the wall:

A narrow strip of European lace stuck to gold end bars hung from a hook by a peach leather cord comprises of this exquisite earring holder.

15. Pierced earring jewellery holder:

Your studs can be packed into this rolled fleece cushions that fill up this brilliantly painted wooden box. You can cover the rolls for a luxurious look and feel.

16. Earring holder picture frame:

A plastic grid cut to the perfect size and glued over a decorative picture frame is all it takes to make this earring holder

17. Earring and Necklace holder:

This can be leaned against a wall or set on your dresser for easy access. You can hang it on a wall by securing a couple of metal hangers at its back and tying a velvet ribbon on top.

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