What comes to your mind when you hear the term, “engagement ring”? We usually picture a shining gemstone on the finger of the bride-to-be. For ages, we’ve seen men getting down on their knee and proposing their beloved with a diamond ring in hand. We all love the idea of women being offered an engagement ring. Isn’t it? But what about the men? Have you ever seen a man wearing an engagement ring? Or let’s put it this way, “Do men wear engagement rings, too”?

If you examine history, it will show you that engagement rings were more about the woman than the man. Nevertheless, things have changed today. Even men, be it a celebrity or a layman, prefer wearing engagement rings today. Further, seeing the increasing popularity, even designers are making efforts to design trending engagement rings for men.

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings? – History

do even men wear engagement rings

Originally, the engagement rings symbolised the ownership of a woman. However, today women wear an engagement ring to represent her free will to marry her husband-to-be. Now, engagement and wedding rings symbolize love and commitment.

The trend of men wearing engagement rings dates back to 1926. During this time, the ad company, L. Bamberger & Co. displayed its ads in East Coast newspapers. It presented engagement rings for men. However, the ads failed to catch on with men as engagement rings were perceived to be a female accessory.

Therefore, men wearing an engagement ring is entirely a personal preference. It has been seen that a majority of men don’t really like wearing engagement rings. However, a few others choose to wear them based on their belief behind engagement rings & its significance for them.

Wearing Engagement Rings? – Trend or Tradition

Today, the times have changed, and so has the stereotypical perceptions. According to a survey by The Knot, over 5% of engaged men wear engagement rings. But, the reasons for men wearing a ring vary from person to person. For some, it’s just a trend, while for others, it’s a symbol of their commitment.  (Source)

Further, many celebrities also prefer wearing engagement rings. Singer Michael Bublé wore an engagement ring after he proposed to his now-wife, Luiseno Lopilato in 2010. Another pop singer, Ed Sheeran, wears an engagement ring. Ed says, “For me, marriage is a partnership where both sides take on equal roles and responsibilities — including wearing engagement rings”. (Source)

Reasons Why do Men Wear Engagement Rings

where to wear the engagement ring for men
Source : The Atlantic

Men wear an engagement ring for different reasons, including:

  • As a symbol of love and commitment
  • A physical reminder of the precious moment
  • Show their “taken” status
  • Emphasize the equality in the relationship
  • As a fashion symbol

So, from a romantic symbol to a fashion statement, it’s clear that many men are just as excited to wear an engagement ring as their female partners.

What Do Men Engagement Rings Look Like?

Men and Women exchanging wedding rings is popular culture. However, men wearing an engagement ring has taken off within the jewellery industry only in the recent past. Jewellers are promoting engagement rings created exclusively for men. These are commonly known as “Mangagement Rings”.

which finger to wear engagement ring for men hindu culture
Source : Southern Living

A typical women engagement ring has a certain look: a diamond with gold or silver bands. However, brides-to-be are increasingly looking for more unique ring styles. These include something that is more personalised to them and their relationship. They are open to multi-coloured gemstones with non-traditional bands.

Similarly, typical men wedding rings include a gold or platinum wedding band. However, some men also prefer wearing custom engagement rings made with diamonds or other gemstones. Again, it depends on one’s personal choice.

Choosing the perfect men engagement ring

Here are a few options of male engagement rings for you to choose from:

Classic Ring:

This ring style comprises mono-colour rings. You can also choose a metal of your choice from a wide range including platinum, rose gold, white gold, and palladium. Moreover, this ring style is perfect for men who wants a sophisticated, no-fuss jewellery piece.

Ring with a Single Stone:

You can consider these rings as the men version of the women solitaire rings. The only difference will be that of the shape. Mangagement solitaire rings are sturdier in shape. You may choose a Diamond, a precious gemstone or even your birthstone as the centre stone.

Ring with Multiple Stone:

Usually, this ring style features a small line of diamonds (or gemstones) with a wide band of gold on both sides.

Signet Ring:

These rings are more of a symbol of class and are often associated with wealthy men. Signet rings have a symbol, letters or series of words engraved on the top that tells something about the wearer.


Coming back to our question, do men wear engagement rings? Yes! And there’s not just one reason to do it or even not to do it.

Do men have engagement rings

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Q1. Can men wear engagement rings?

Yes, men can wear engagement rings. Though, there’s no such tradition. Men have their own reasons to wear engagement rings.

Q2. Do men get engagement rings?

Yes, men do get engagement rings. While is a tradition in some countries like Argentina, women around the world have started gifting engagement rings to their partners. It is now increasingly becoming a trend.

Q3. Which hand do men wear engagement rings?

Generally, it varies from culture to culture. However, most men wear an engagement ring in their left hands.

Q4. Do Indian men wear engagement rings?

Wearing an engagement ring in not a tradition in India. However, modern couples are increasingly adopting this Western trend. Ring ceremonies before the marriage have become popular in Indian families. Here, both the girl and the boy exchange ring with each other.

Q5. What percentage of men wear engagement rings?

According to a survey by The Knot, only 5% of men globally wear engagement rings.

Q6. Which hand and Finger Indian men wear an engagement ring?

In India, men wear engagement ring in the ring finger of their right hand.

Q7. Do men wear engagement rings in the UK?

Men wearing an engagement ring is not a tradition in the UK. However, some men prefer wearing engagement rings out of their own choice.

Q8. Do gay men wear engagement rings?

Yes, some gay men love to wear engagement rings either to flaunt their “taken” status or as part of the trend.

Q9. Which finger can men wear an engagement ring?

Men can wear an engagement ring in the ring finger of left or right hands, depending on their region, tradition and religion.

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