We all love rings.

But do you know which finger to wear a ring for good luck? Our 5 minute-read article will catch you up on its significance.


Oh, women and jewellery!

It’s a story that goes back ages and continues today. The love for the rings, in particular, is inevitable in every woman. It’s an irresistible piece of jewelry that can be elaborate and an understated piece.

Apart from giving your hands a sparkling, goddess-like look and grabbing many eyes, it can also bring you great luck and prosperity. Few people know that our hands are a potent energy-harnessing tool.

Many Chinese and ancient Indian scriptures talk of the magical power of rings.

When worn strategically, these tiny ornaments can heal the body, attract good luck, and harmonize the body and mind.

Is there energy in wearing rings?

Wearing the right ring on the right finger is very important.

Rings can bring a shower of good luck to the wearer if worn correctly. Do it wrong, and you may have consequences or bad luck!

By channeling energy through the finger ring, one can invite good luck, enrich our energetic capacities, change life circumstances, and even witness our desires attaining fruition.

So, let’s delve into how you can wear your ring correctly.

Which finger to wear ring for good luck?

Wearing rings regulate the flow of energy in your body. If you wear the correct ring for you, positive energy will flow through your body and make you feel optimistic and confident.

That is why rings have been used as a sacred ornament throughout the ages!

The wedding ring dilemma

Conventionally, you could wear a ring on any finger of your choice. It’s only a matter of aesthetics and what appeals to you. Rings and their position become controversial sometimes, and we tend to remain traditional about engagement and wedding rings.

Most people prefer to wear wedding rings on their ring finger and right hand. This is precisely why people call it the ‘ring finger’—because it is the finger on which one wears “the ring.”

On the other hand, an engagement ring is mainly worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This is because of the belief that the vein from the heart travels through this finger.

Today, most people wear their engagement ring on the ring finger, but on any hand they choose.

Meanwhile, married folk often wear their engagement and wedding rings together on the ring finger of their left hand.

What does mythology say?

Roman mythology extensively speaks about the meaning of rings. It specifies which finger a ring is to be worn and why. Isn’t it interesting that they considered each finger to represent a Roman god(Thank God, they have so many), except the thumb?

Let us see the significance of the fingers that adorn the rings in our lives. Take notes before you ring shopping again!

Wearing the ring on a thumb

which finger to wear a ring for good luck
Ring on a thumb
Source : Meaningzone

It is quite an unusual finger to wear a ring. But some people do it out of style. People say that wearing a ring on the thumb enhances physical health. It gives a new flow of positive energy to the body.
If you suffer from a long or chronic illness, experts advise opting for a pure silver ring without any diamonds or gemstones to wear on the thumb.

A silver ring allows new energy to flow into the body and helps to recuperate and rejuvenate optimism in the body and soul.
It makes you feel full of life, and positive feelings prevail within and around you.

Ring on a forefinger

The forefinger is yet another statement spot for rings. Bold rings look great on the forefinger. It also immediately communicates a sense of authority and strength.

Wearing a ring on the forefinger is considered a forerunner of career success. It lights the path for you to embark on a new journey of achievements. It helps us to leave an impression in our workspace and energetically embark on new paths.

At the same time, it increases confidence(well, you have seen people with rings on their forefingers and stepped back a bit, haven’t you?). It boosts self-capacities and gives the wearer the ability to influence his audience.
So, if you are a manager or at the helm of a firm, your forefinger may be your ‘ring’ finger. Being a face of authority is highly required to build a successful career and maintain a work-life.

 Ring on a middle finger

The middle finger is one of the most common fingers to flaunt a ring. Legend says that you should consider wearing a ring on the middle finger if you want to marry soon. This might do the trick if you are desperate and tired of looking for the right match for yourself.

Wearing a ring with precious gemstones, such as diamonds, sapphires, gold, etc, is preferable.
This is both from an energy standpoint and an appealing perspective since anyone wearing a stylish piece of jewelry will surely catch the eye. What if you see the right eye with a gorgeous ring?

A ring on this finger is also regarded as giving luck in a relationship and a chance for a serious relationship. That is if you are looking for your lifetime, Mr. Right or Miss. Perfect.

Wearing a middle finger ring finds you the right life partner, soothes any tension in a relationship, and brings a new charm into it. And if that wasn’t enough, it also helps to strengthen your sexuality. Bonus!

Wearing a ring on a ring finger

tortoise ring which finger to wear ring for good luck
Source : Insider

The winner of the most popular ring finger is the “ring finger”! We have all worn a ring on this finger at some time in our life.

This finger is opined to bring good luck, wealth, and popularity and fills you with the energy to live life to the fullest.
You should ideally wear a gold ring on this finger as this helps promote wealth and money flow and assists in avoiding financial problems. You should try it if you are stuck in life’s rattling economic crises.

 Ring on a little finger

Most of us can’t find a ring that fits the little finger. But for a good reason. Wearing any gold ring on this finger is never a good idea. It’s strictly prohibited due to the bad energies it can bring you.

Still, you can use copper and silver rings worn on this finger to increase intuition, balance hormonal flow, and deep understanding.

Which finger to wear a gold ring for good luck?

If we talk about rings and luck, we can’t go without talking about gold rings.

There are benefits aplenty to wearing gold jewelry. They are very energy-positive and help prevent dark energies from entering the body. It is an excellent tool for divine consciousness, spiritual healing, and protection from unwanted energies.

It is also considered a status symbol and an embodiment of wealth. Gold’s spiritual powers to bring happiness, peace, and stability have been well-known for centuries. Ancient China, Persia, and India have used this sacred power of gold.

Benefits of the gold ring

Wearing a gold ring on your ring finger helps you attract divine consciousness. The divine energy is activated through the gold ring. For the spiritual benefit of women, they must wear this ring on their left hand, while men must wear it on their right hand.
Gold can absorb energy, and it allegedly reduces the effect of poisoning. But this tip has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Did you know that a gold ring on your little finger helps regulate it if you suffer from chronic cold and cough ailments? For those facing issues with moving ahead and attaining fame and celebrity, you can wear a gold ring on your middle finger to accelerate it.

People who have difficulty concentrating benefit from wearing gold on their index finger.
Gold is also a great tool to patch up issues in marriage and lack of intimacy, which a gold ring can sort.

So we see that the answer to the question, “Which finger to wear a ring for good luck?” is the finger that is right for you.

Which finger to wear a silver ring for good luck

Silver rings are in vogue these days. Many youngsters prefer silver rings to gold rings nowadays. This is the case with other ornaments as well.
According to mythology, Silver is also a scary element to be worn on the body. One can wear a silver ring on any finger except the index finger. The index finger is representative of the planet Jupiter, and its corresponding metal is gold.

Traditionally, silver has to be worn on your dominant hand. This helps you temper and refine your actions. Wearing in on the non-dominant hand brings negative thoughts and feelings into the body.

What is a tortoise ring?

which finger to wear tortoise ring for good luck
Tortoise Ring
Source: imall

If you are tired of trying everything and still stuck in a rut with your luck, don’t be disappointed. There’s another ring, the tortoise ring, which is the harbinger of blessings and good luck. Let’s find out!

A Tortoise ring is, as the name signifies a finger rings shaped like a tortoise. It’s beautiful to wear, but more than being a fashion accessory, it is considered auspicious in Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui.

The benefits of a tortoise ring

It is not only a fashion statement nowadays, but it is also considered spiritually significant. The tortoise ring promotes happiness, love, and bonding in your life. It provides a healthy and happy mind, body, and soul.

Different kinds of metals used

Tortoise-shaped jewelry is quite common these days. These rings can be made with pearls, silver, gold, and different metals. It is believed that it brings new luck and prosperity. Nowadays, it is a very trending fashion statement jewelry as well.

Away from the body

Wear the tortoise ring a little further from your body to keep your wealth intact. This ensures that your wealth remains intact with you alone and does not get lost.

Source of strength

It strengthens your intuitive qualities. It is a must-have for businessmen, symbolizing good luck and strength.

In which finger you should wear a tortoise ring to bring good luck?

good luck ring finger
In which finger you should wear a tortoise ring to bring good luck?
Source: Trendy way

A tortoise-shaped ring is an excellent symbol of bringing luck, wealth, and prosperity into your life, as discussed above. However, wearing a ring on the proper finger is extremely important since it has transformative effects on various aspects of life. You should preferably wear the ring on the middle finger of the right hand.

Also, the proper metal has to be selected for these rings. You can use gold to attain the maximum benefits. The Tortoise Ring joins Earth and Heaven to bring prosperity in your life.
Girls should always be cautious to avoid wearing the tortoise ring on the ring finger. One must carefully choose which finger to wear a ring on for good luck, especially for the tortoise ring.

Do you wear a ring on the left or right hand?

If you are a daily ring-wearer, the hand of choice is according to your convenience. Of course, some rings, like engagement and wedding rings, traditionally go on the prescribed hand.
It’s okay to change it up.

It is just a matter of your culture or the country where you reside.

China has an interesting take on hands-on which rings go. The right hand is for giving, and the left is for receiving.
Thus, if a person is wearing the wedding ring on the left hand, they expect to get more than they give in marriage. Isn’t that a curious arrangement?

History trivia

A leaf from the past! The Romans, too, believed that the wedding ring should be worn on the left hand. The ring finger has the Vena Amoris or the vein in the ring is closest to the heart.

In many Western countries, it is customary to wear the engagement ring on the left hand. After marriage, one moves it to the right hand so that the wedding ring can go on the left hand.
But some married women wear the wedding and engagement rings together, as a style statement and for ease.

Which Hand to Wear Silver Ring for Good Luck

Various cultural, astrological, and personal belief systems root the practice of wearing a silver ring for good luck. The choice of finger and hand for wearing a silver ring can significantly influence its perceived power and effectiveness in bringing good luck. This guide explores the traditional and modern perspectives on the best fingers for wearing a lucky silver ring, incorporating insights from astrology, cultural beliefs, and personal preferences.

The Traditional Finger for a Lucky Ring

Traditionally, people consider the ring finger of the right hand the most auspicious for wearing a silver ring to attract good luck. This belief originates from ancient cultures that regarded the ring finger as having a direct connection to the heart, symbolizing love, harmony, and, importantly, good fortune. In astrology, associating the wearing of a silver ring on the ring finger with the Moon’s influence often leads to enhanced emotional balance and the attraction of positive energy.

Other Fingers to Consider for a Lucky Ring

Wearing rings on specific fingers to attract luck, wealth, and positive energies stems from cultural, astrological, and personal beliefs. Each finger carries unique symbolism and channels different types of energy according to belief. Here’s a deeper look into the significance of wearing a lucky ring on the index finger, middle finger, thumb, and little finger.

1. Index Finger: The Finger of Jupiter

Associating wearing a ring on the index finger with the planet Jupiter symbolizes leadership, ambition, and self-confidence. Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, and prosperity in astrology. A ring on this finger is a beacon for attracting success and personal and professional growth opportunities. Experts especially recommend it for individuals aiming to enhance their leadership qualities or expand their career and personal development horizons. Gemstones like yellow sapphire or topaz, linked to Jupiter, can amplify these effects when set in a ring worn on the index finger.

2. Middle Finger: The Finger of Saturn

The middle finger is linked with Saturn, a planet that embodies responsibility, justice, and introspection. Saturn’s energy is about discipline, structure, and long-term planning. Wearing a ring on the middle finger can symbolize a commitment to balance, maturity, and the pursuit of justice. People believe it helps ground the wearer’s energy, promoting stability and enabling them to tackle life’s challenges with wisdom and patience. This finger also associates with material wealth, as Saturn’s lessons often involve understanding and managing one’s resources wisely. Stones like blue sapphire or amethyst, known for their connection to Saturn, can enhance these qualities.

3. Thumb: The Pillar of Willpower

Though less common, wearing a ring on the thumb symbolizes willpower, self-assertion, and individuality. The thumb is unique in its position and function, representing strength and independence. In some cultures, a ring on the thumb signifies wealth and high status, as it signifies the ability to exert one’s will and significantly impact one’s surroundings. This choice can empower those looking to assert their authority, overcome challenges, and express their individuality more boldly.

4. Little Finger: The Channel of Mercury

The little finger, or pinky, is connected with Mercury, representing communication, intelligence, and interpersonal skills. Mercury’s influence is about exchanging ideas, negotiation, and adaptability. A ring on this finger can boost expressive abilities, enhance social interactions, and facilitate better relationships. It’s particularly beneficial for those in professions that rely heavily on communication, such as writing, teaching, and sales. Gemstones like emerald or green tourmaline, linked to Mercury, can support these communicative and intellectual endeavors when worn on the little finger.

Finding Your Power Finger

Choosing the correct finger for your lucky silver ring involves astrological ring placement, cultural beliefs, and personalized luck with rings. Consider the following steps to find your power finger:

  • Reflect on Your Goals: What kind of luck are you seeking? Is it emotional balance, wealth, love, or personal growth? Your goal can guide the finger choice.
  • Consult Astrological Insights: If you follow astrology, consider the planetary influences associated with each finger.
  • Acknowledge Cultural Practices: Be aware of the cultural significance of ring-wearing. Some cultures have specific traditions for lucky ring fingers.
  • Experiment with Personal Comfort: Sometimes, the right finger chooses you based on comfort and the feeling you get when wearing the ring.


Who thought that rings would have so many physical and spiritual consequences? If that’s not enough, wearing rings enhances the biofield and strengthens the energy flows all over the body. For centuries, starting in ancient times, people have used rings to harness abundant energy.
We have unfolded the secrets to a successful and healthy life for you. We hope you follow these rules to find out which finger to wear a ring for good luck. Do keep these in mind when you are buying rings. Or maybe buy a ring just for these benefits!


What finger do you wear a silver ring for good luck?

You can confidently wear a silver ring on any finger except the index finger. The index finger is representative of Jupiter, so its corresponding metal is gold.

Which finger to wear a ring for luck?

You can wear your lucky ring on the finger prescribed for the ring. For example, it is fortunate for women to wear a jade ring on the little fingers of their right hand. While it’s lucky for the gents to wear it on their left hand.

Which finger to wear a tortoise ring for good luck?

The tortoise ring symbolizes Goddess Laxmi, so wearing it on the middle or index finger is best. The right hand is preferred to wear the ring for good luck.

Which finger to wear a gold ring for good luck?

It is the luckiest to wear gold rings on the ring finger. The ring finger represents the Sun, the favorable planet for gold.

 Which finger is lucky for wearing a ring?

Traditionally, people consider the ring finger, particularly on the right hand, as the luckiest finger to wear a ring for general good fortune. This belief originates from ancient traditions that considered the ring finger to have a unique vein connected directly to the heart, symbolizing a direct path to the wearer’s emotions and potentially influencing their fate positively. However, the concept of luck can vary widely across different cultures and personal beliefs, making any finger potentially lucky based on the individual’s intentions and the specific energies they wish to attract.

Which ring should I wear for good luck?

For good luck, experts often recommend a silver ring because of silver’s association with the Moon, representing emotions, intuition, and protection in astrology. Incorporating specific gemstones can amplify the ring’s luck-attracting properties. For instance, wearing a ring with a pearl or moonstone can enhance emotional balance and harmony, while a jade or emerald might attract prosperity and growth. One can personalize the choice of gemstone based on the type of luck they wish to attract, such as love, wealth, or health.

Which finger do you wear a ring for money?

Traditionally, associating the middle finger with wearing a ring attracts money and wealth. This association comes from the finger’s connection to Saturn, a planet often linked to discipline, responsibility, and maturation. Wearing a ring, especially one made of lead (though advised against due to health risks) or another metal symbolically connected to Saturn, on the middle finger is believed to bring about the qualities necessary for financial success and stability.

Which finger is the best to wear a ring?

The “best” finger to wear a ring on largely depends on the wearer’s goals, beliefs, and the specific energies they wish to channel. For example,
The ring finger is ideal for love and emotional well-being.
The index finger symbolizes ambition and leadership qualities.
The middle finger represents balance, wisdom, and sometimes wealth.
The thumb can signify willpower and assertiveness.
The little finger associates with communication and intelligence.
Cultural practices and astrological beliefs can also influence the choice of the right finger, making it a profoundly personal decision.

Which finger represents wealth?

While people often link the middle finger with wealth due to its association with Saturn, the index finger’s association with Jupiter can also represent wealth in abundance, success, and prosperity. Jupiter’s influence is about expansion and good fortune, making the index finger another powerful choice for those seeking to enhance their financial status or attract more growth and success opportunities.
In summary, the choice of which finger to wear a ring on for luck, wealth, or any other desired outcome is a blend of personal intuition, cultural traditions, and astrological insights. It’s essential to consider the symbolism of each finger, the properties of the chosen ring and gemstone, and how these align with your personal goals and beliefs.

Besides wealth and health, learning, teaching, and cooking are my interests in life. I have a bachelors in engineering and an unbeatable streak of optimism, come what may! I love to learn new things! Hope you do too.


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