Uncut diamond or raw and rough diamond is unpolished and unshaped. They can be lab-grown but more often are naturally mined. Read further to know more about what is an uncut diamond and how is it measured and valued. They vary in sizes and are usually are less expensive than cut diamonds- but the gem graded ones are only used for jewellery making.

What is an uncut diamond and how is it measured and valued?

Uncut Diamond and how is it measured and valued in India is also important as it is used in a jewellery making process call polki, they are also known as Polki Diamonds and have not been treated by the jeweler. It also means that the diamonds don’t have facets pr geometric angles or faces. They are left unpolished too. Polki Diamonds are a very popular choice in Indian marriages.

Cut diamonds sparkle intensely because every cut and facet enhances the diamond’s ability to emit light. The cut is more about the symmetry and the polish of the stone. An uncut diamond does not have the same sparkle or brilliance of a cut diamond. An uncut diamond measured and valued in India and it’s generally priced lower than the cut and polished diamond. They can, however, be used just the same way as to cut diamonds. The value of a diamond is recognized by its cutting and polishing of the raw diamond. Faceting is one of the most important aspects of diamond processing, as it determines exactly how much light in the stone could be reflected. Asymmetrical facets lead to poor cuts and the diamond loses its shimmer.

Types of Uncut Diamonds

Uncut loose diamonds takes different forms, colors, sizes, clarity. They can be congo cubes, triangle or of white and gray semi gem quality.
The diamonds that you generally see are cut diamonds with asymmetrical facet and cuts. A cut diamond’s value is based on the 4C’s: cut, clarity, color, and carat. The cut is the most important factor in determining value as it determines how much light will a diamond refract and emit.

Cut in no way refers to a diamond’s shape, it refers to mostly the proportion, symmetry and polish. These properties together then reflect the value of a diamond. It takes a considerable skill set to cut a diamond and thus is pricier than uncut diamonds.

Nature of rough diamonds

Rough Diamonds don’t have their own sparkle. But the quality is determined whether or not it is cut and how many facets are given to it. The price of an uncut diamond also depends on the carat (size), clarity and color.

➔ Carat- Higher the carat weight, more is the cost of the diamond rough or cut. It however also depends on inclusions. A small rough diamond with no inclusions will cost more than the larger rough which is yellow or has evident inclusions.

➔ Color- Colorless is what you are looking for. Usually, all diamonds have a yellowish or a brownish tinge. A flawless diamond would be as colorless and its worth increases than cut diamond too.

➔ Clarity- Diamonds always contain some or other inclusions. The fewer the inclusions, the higher the quality of the diamond. It earns a higher grade of clarity based on the inclusions.

➔ The shape of the rough- If you want to be able to cut the diamond, you may well take a good look at the diamond. Sometimes due to the shape, huge diamonds are cut into small diamond pieces and that makes it less valuable than others.

Types of Jewelry design

Simple be best

Simple layered with rubies, emeralds and pearl drops would look amazing and are big in the market too. You can also pair it with matching earrings. Uncut diamonds look best with god because of the beautiful color contrast. Pair it with a white hue dress and you will look like a queen!

The Floral design

The floral base is generally given by some metal like gold or sterling silver and diamonds are then studded with uncut diamonds. Floral designs are also available in the polki setting which is a popular choice in Indian bridal trousseau.

The Drop Dez

One layer or two-layer drop which is embellished in uncut diamonds and rubies or emeralds and any other gem. It is one of the most classic styles and is appreciated all over for its minimalistic design.

Broad Choker

Stuck close to your neck and embellished with diamonds, broad chokers are very much a style statement with long neck dresses. It is also a style statement in casual dressing with a black band and a drop uncut diamond.

The Leaf, the peacock, and the Polki

The various styles that use uncut diamonds are the leaf designs or the peacock feather design and polki design is the most popular uncut diamond style out there in India. It finds its origins in Rajasthan and is quite a trend these days.

Pros and Cons of buying an uncut diamond

Buying Diamonds is a huge deal, you have to be sure about the clarity and reality of a diamond. In the case of uncut diamonds, it is considerably less of a problem as it is rated cheaper than cut diamonds.


– They cost very little. Rough diamonds are any day less expensive than cut diamonds due to the no show of cut and faceting which requires a lot of skill.

– They are Conflict Free. All Rough Diamonds have a Kimberley Process Certificate to be imported or exported from any country. This certificate ensures that the diamond was mined from a war-free area.

– They are Unique. It is uncommon and will stand out for sure. The rough quartz-like the appearance of the rough diamond makes it very artsy and can be used in various styles and designs.


– There is no sparkle. Not all diamonds shine bright and high. Some diamonds are just diamonds, plain and simple with a rough edge. Rough Diamonds are however cheaper than the real diamonds.

– Often dark-colored and with inclusions. After diamonds are mined, the ones with rare value and good gem grade are sent off to be cut and polished for jewellery making purposes. Lower quality stones are left uncut and used for industrial purposes.

– Tough to pick. It is out of our skillset to grade diamonds and understand if it is worth cutting and polishing. You will need one expert to examine the quality and the other to cut and facet.

– Specializations required. If you want your diamond to be cut and faceted, you will require a specialist who would look into it. Furthermore, you wouldn’t save much from the saving you sought by buying rough diamonds.

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