It’s incredible how one, the tiny, circular object can speak a thousand words and that’s exactly what the engagement ring does. Every time you look down on it, you will be reminded of all the reasons you fell in love with your significant other, why you have committed to spending the rest of your lives together, and all the things you have to look forward to in the future. It’s a silent but eternal proposal resting on your ring finger, your vows to one another solidified and always present as a reminder when times are tough. Thus, make sure you avoid some of the common and worst mistakes usually done by the engagement ring seekers.

1. Going for a trendy setting

You can change your settings but a setting can run anywhere depending on how intricate the details are. Also, some people have an emotional attachment to their original engagement ring design and don’t want to change it later on. So, even though it’s totally cool to update, it is usually recommended not to pick something too trendy that you might regret in just a few years. Few worst mistakes are usually done by the engagement ring seekers.

2. Do not rush to buy

Reading through various reviews sticking continuously on your laptop, but only spending 2 minutes for your precious engagement ring. Don’t just go out and get any nice ring, you need to take your time to make sure that you have picked out the perfect engagement ring. Make sure that you shop around, and see what the various jewelers, both online and brick and mortar stores have to offer. Do not rush whenever you are buying a ring a few worst mistakes are usually done by the engagement ring seekers.

3. Why don’t you create one?

Custom-made doesn’t necessarily mean ultra-expensive. In fact, you may be able to spend less money and get a much nicer ring than you would find in a jewelry store. However, a custom-made ring is most likely to be non-refundable. A brief online search will allow you to uncover a large variety of styles, carats, and settings so it will be special for sure.

4. Not setting a budget

You need to have a budget in place before you start shopping for an engagement ring. Otherwise, you could end up spending a lot more than you can afford. When you set a budget, you will only be looking at rings that are within an affordable price range.

5. Buying a diamond online that seems just perfect to pick

If a diamond price seems too good to be true, it probably is. The diamond industry has become pretty transparent. But there are often small things about a diamond’s quality that can change the price drastically, and these are often qualities you might not know to look for. Things like ‘strong fluorescence,’ which may or may not actually affect the visual appearance of a stone, but it definitely affects the price; or, perhaps the stone is not certified by an esteemed diamond-grading lab it may be clarity-enhanced, which hugely takes away from the value of the stone. It’s always best to see a stone in person if possible, and if not, to buy from a trusted source that will stand behind their sales and be available should you end up not being happy with the purchase. However, make sure to avoid some of the common worst mistakes usually done by the engagement ring seekers.

6. Not seeking a specialist’s advice

This is a person who can help you choose the perfect diamond for the engagement ring. This is a person who specializes in diamonds, and they know what they are talking about.

7. Going after based review sites

You may think that you have found the perfect engagement ring from an online seller. So, you check out reviews of the ring, and the seller, and see a lot of rave reviews. How do you know if they are real? Much unbiased diamond review site recommends picking a loyal forum or website and paying attention to multiple comments.

8. Only researching online

You don’t always get accurate information online, especially when someone is trying to sell you something. Look at engagement rings in stores and get some prices before doing any online research, so you can compare rings and prices.

9. The most important of all: Not telling your girlfriend’s bestie!

Your fiancée is going to be wearing this ring for the rest of her life, so it only stands to reason that you should involve her best friend in the purchase. Simply find out what she likes, her ring size, etc. So, you can find a ring that she will love. You can even get her to pick out a few different styles so you have some examples to choose from. So, do not forget your girl’s bae.

10. Not doing adequate research on diamonds

You don’t need to take a course in gemology, but you should learn a bit about diamonds, such as how they are rated. That way, you will know if you are being charged too much for a ring. Learn about the four C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat.

Do not always go for shopping only in departmental stores

While the bright lights in department stores can make the jewelry they sell look shiny and pretty, it is usually of inferior quality. Sure, you may get a great deal, but how great is it when the ring is just something that was mass-produced, and poorly at that?

Don’t try too hard to avoid rings that are similar to what your friends have

A lot of women stay away from certain ring styles because their friends have it. But this is a big purchase and something you have to wear and be happy to see on your hand every day. So you should get what you want. Why fret if your friend has something similar?

Avoid getting obsessed over the ring setting

An engagement ring setting can change the entire tone of the piece. But at the center of it (usually) is the main stone you choose. This takes up most of your budget. So above all, make sure you love your diamond more than your setting, which is changeable down the road.

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